Disappointed November

Dear diary!!! Am I just so complicated girl as always??? Can u give me a break???

I am having another symptom is disappointing!!! I am kinda sad without any specific reasons, and maybe because am I getting old? Hm… sorry to write another unhappy mood post again… but I have nothing besides this blog to write down all my daily struggling life…

I might think too much without any goal or purpose in life or I might just demand too much things from everyone…or I might just …

Honestly, I am disappointed with some friends…only if I have never …I would not…
I have promised myself that… no one gonna take away my dream and smile !!! But things have happened and already took my crazy smile away from me!!! I seriously need it back.

Time to time, my parents are convinced by their relatives to Ream Cham Tuk Dak Koun Chov (…no English version here) hmm… it becomes my big concern now!!!

Oh gosh!!! How am I gonna fight with my parents and all these things???

Hmmmm… am I demanding too much???????

My damn English doesn’t improve anything at all….sigh!!!

PS: some of them really think of me???


Sovanna said...

I apology to hear like this:-( it is very bad mood when the ladies are forced to do this kind of thing. Arrange married is not the good sign! You can argue and give them the positive reasons why you want to stay long in single status. I hope they will understand about this.

Stop disappointing and try and try explain them about your future life. It will be struck if you get married.

It might not the good advise but hope this helps you!!!

Be strong! Be fight and fight for liberation!!!



Thomas Wanhoff said...

head up, little girl.. don't worry so much, sometimes life isn't easy, and there are situations you have to go through even if you don't like it. fight with parents will never end, ask my mother :-)
and yes, sometimes you may loose friends, thats painful and makes you sad, but you will get new friends as well.
but be aware that you still have friends, even if they don't call you, and they think about you and they care about you, maybe in very silent way.
Never ever stop smiling, thats what makes you so special, I always know you as the cutes smiling girl I ever met in Cambodia. And I want you to be still that one.
Many hugs from Vietnam

mara2go said...

Oh, girl...sigh!!!

gäãra-dě-sañd said...

Some of "them"? Who r u referring to? Ur parents? Being parents, it's just common sense to be worried of their daughter. I know that they may have done sth old fashioned, but trust me, what u think is new will also become old in 20 or 30 years' time. U can feel bad but u can't hate them.

Anyway, aren't u in psychology class? I don't know what u learn but it's sth to do with emotion, i believe. If so, make use of it. I've never seen u happy. Well, i used to, but u r sad-oriented. U only focus on it when u r sad. U never enjoy or share with everyone when u r happy. Don't believe me? Check what u have posted!! I pity ur brain!!

LPP said...

This thing happens. And really, annoying. Somehow, we can't change elder to think the way we do. Only then, we have to keep our ear open but don't keep it in mind (yet those good one would be an exceptional).

Anonymous said...

that is not a bad thing, you know some lady they want that day come.

have your own choose is a good thing but truth the old people like your parents is not bad too they got much experience in life and be a good child do not make them much worry, right?

ha... don't believe me....

by Tomy.....