Currently, I’m really busy with study cuz I’ll have final exam soon. And I have to apply some Contests that it’s really challenging and more and more important for me, fighting!!! I have to do my best to get this chance.

There are a few people made me so disappointed and hurt me so much; however, I shouldn’t care much about what they said or did to me...whatever, I’m still myself, Rath.

Although nobody encourages or cheer me up, I myself have to be strong to keep going on to do my best to make my dreams come true.... I believe Rath can do it, sou sou!!!!

Ah, I was completely wet cus I drove a motorbike under the heavy rain!!! It is a bit dangerous cus I’m a short-sighted so I need glasses all the time and it’s really hard to for me to clean my glasses and the drove in the same time like this. As you can see in the pic, I was so cold like a cat fails into the water.Before i came back home, i waited for a while and then took this pic tov...Already to go!!!!


Tmr is my real birthday and i don't know what to do te... i hope i can do sth good to make me happy!!! i just hope i can get alot wish from my friends and u guys!!!!!!