The end of day at ECCC (but it's not the end of my life, this is where i start to another higher bright life :)

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Dear all,

It’s really sad that today is my last day; even I don’t want to leave but it’s time for me to go.

To work at the tribunal is my dream. Before I came here, I never thought I could have such a really good opportunity to be an intern at the ECCC. I did found out a lot how to get here; finally I got it as an intern. I’m extremely appreciated it because I am Cambodia I can contribute to the court to find justice for Cambodian people and especially victims of DK regime.

However, it’s really excellent experiences I ever have. I have learned a lot about legal work, labor workJ; and especially learn more about differences culture.

Afterward, I will go back to school, but I’ll finish so soon. Then it’s time to seek a real job!

Meanwhile, I apply scholarship for Master degree in oversea, or another internship at any law firm, and esp. international court.

On behalf of Cambodia, I would like to thank to all people both national and international staffs and interns that scarify to come here to find justice for Khmer people as well the whole world. Although they know that the security in Cambodia is still bad, and some people their families are not happy to hear that they are in Cambodia; however they still come here.

Good luck to everybody who either not know me, or know me ;)

Nearirath Sreng

PS: if you would like to contact me to say hello or anything else here is my contact:

E-mail: Nearirath.sreng@gamil.com

Phone: 012-455-368

PS1: Really sorry if there is some mistake since my English is limited.