i am going to do thing that i hate the most, and i have been always in bad dream for a few years, and it's happening again! this time i will do it just for granted!!!


My weekend

My weekend wasn't that bad, i think. I had much fun with my old gangs who always treats me like a queen, and another negative about that is has been spoiled me too >.< But still always love them :D

My life is so full of challenging now, or in another word, I guess I have a few good options to choose. I believe whatever I choose, I will make the best of it. :D

Not a good smile of me, the pic looks nice for everyone :D

We went to Hush Hush very early, about 9:30pm. We did dance like there is no tomorrow ^^

A very lovely coffee shop newly opened near my future office :D


Award Introduction

SVhk/ Updated on June 2011

In Brief Innovation culture is relatively weak in Asia, and that also creates a big barrier for social entrepreneurship to groom in the region. Besides, social issues in urban area in Asia are quite alike. It’s worth our time to think about social innovation ideas together and share experience along the road. To pathway for a sustainable development of social innovation culture in the region, we would like to initiate the discussion by promoting social. The Asia Social Innovation Award would serve as one of the pioneer to create this new page.


1. To arouse public interest in discussing innovations and actions to be taken to drive social

changes in urban area in Asia.

2. To promote the culture of social innovation and enrich people’s knowledge on local social issues.

3. To encourage the sharing of experience and ideas among Asian cities, through a simple chanism, so as to engage with more ‘laymen’.

Project Concept

A simple idea-generating competition calling for level-zero social innovation ideas.

Three social issues were identified for the 2011 competition (see below);

Collect ideas in the form of 200-500 words or in multimedia, e.g. graphics or videos;

Winner will be awarded with US$250 each and may receive a free trip to Hong Kong for

the Award Presentation Ceremony (subjected to confirmation from sponsors);

Awards will be presented at the Social Enterprise Summit 2011 in Hong Kong;

Finalists’ idea would also be posted on web for public’s reference and further discussion.

See www.socialinnovationaward.asia for last year’s winning ideas.

Target Participants General Public, with specific focus on existing stakeholders – those people interested in social entrepreneurship: NGOs/NPOs, civil society organizations, business corporate, universities, and social enterprise circle etc.

Urban Social Issues

Poverty: What can be done to alleviate poverty from bottom up? What are the viable solutionsfor low-income families to survive inflation?

Environment: How can we sustainably reduce pollution and preserve the heritage in our city?

Aging Population: What innovative ideas can you think of to help our society adapt to an

aging population?

Selection Criteria

• Criteria include originality, viability and sustainability of idea etc.

• Apart from imaginative and innovative ideas or concept, existing ideas are welcome.


Mid-July – September: Start to call for entries and promotion (posters, leaflet, email etc.)

Mid-October: Cut-off entries & judging

Early-November: Announce of results

Late-November: Award presentation and Trip to Hong Kong (To be confirmed)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to work on all 3 social issues?

For each application, you only need to suggest an idea that addresses one of the social

issues. You can at most submit 3 separate applications, each of them tackling one of the

given problems.

How can I submit my application?

We strongly recommend applicants to type out their idea and submit your application online through http://socialinnovationaward.asia/submit.php. If you are unable to do so,

Can I submit in other languages other than English and Chinese?

The judging panel will only judge those ideas that are in English or Chinese. If you unable to fulfill this requirement, please consult the organization you belong to, and see if they will be able to translate the main theme of your idea and send it to us.

How can I learn more about the award?

Further information of the award can be found on http://socialinnovationaward.asia and if you have any enquiries, please feel free to send us an email to info@socialinnovationaward.asia or the organization you belong to. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


For Ngon Restaurant in Phnom Penh, I have three words,impressive, popular, and weird. This Vietnamese food has been run about a few months i guess, and been so popular among Cambodian, Vietnamese, and expat. There are not many restaurants in Phnom Penh put their food menu price in Cambodian currency, Reil, that is impressive to me that they are kinda respect Cambodia.

The atmosphere is superb and the price is very reasonable (10000 Reil to 16000 Reil). I find the food there is so yummy. I will definitely take my family there soon when i get a proper job :D

Being weird is not a bad impressive here. What i mean here is that why most of the restaurant stuffs are Vietnamese with fluent Khmer. If they do respect us for real, why not hire Khmer instead? :( Just my own view though, the rest is perfect.

For more detail about the view of Gnog restaurant you can visit this: http://nyampenh.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/ngon-restaurant/




you are what you eat

After I returned back from HK, it isn’t easy for me to change back old life where I used to hang out most of time. The two living styles in HK and PP are very diverse. HK life had been spent with my books, papers, school, library, pc, and my lovely messy room in St. John Collage. During my first few months, I had very serious sleep disorder made me stay up super late till 3am, 6am, and sometime till 7am. Nothing could stop this, until I finished all papers, and exams. Talking about second semester, it was still not so different from the first one. I still have some course were very tough to cope with; however, I could manage to pass by giving the best shot I could.

Among the girls stayed at the dorm with me, they are very nice and super smart which made me feel so stupid :D but remember that “Better being with among genius rather than being with nerds/negative/unproductive pp”. All in all, I love my stay in Hong Kong so much, even it was super short period of time, but at once I got to know a lot things where I could find in real life or back in my schools.

Most people, including me who returning back from study abroad usually are confusing with their future, career, and life. However I believe that whatever way I choose, I will go along with it or in short, “you are what you eat”. Despite I would regret any choice, I should try to challenge myself with something new.

I couldn’t believe I still have same questions about who I am, where I am, what I want to be, and so on. I guess some people will have these questions till the last day of their life, except some people who are dare to get out from a “SCARE, AFRAID” zone, to get their dream ^-^

Being positive is nothing bad at all, trust me.


A flat for sale

Nice flat with a roof over the building to prevent any licking, best location, urgent sale with good price,
We need money very urgent that's the reason why we wish to sell our house. The block where the house is located is undergo developing area, where there are more and more people are moving here.
Beuig Cham Pun, Phnom Penh
Entrance type
Direct access from principal road
Sale price
43 000 $
Building length (inside)
4 m
Building width (inside)
17 m
Building area (inside)
68 m2 632.35$/m2
Land length
4 m
Land width
17 m
Land area
68 m2 632.35$/m2
Storeyed numbers (inside)


Transformer 3 -3D

Just realized the world has been ahead more than i thought!!! i guess "Transformer 3" gives me a light of new technology, in which i had not been aware of. I'd better move my butt faster, by combination of all my curious, questions, undiscovered world to find the truth so I believe I will be part to help a better world.

I know the real world is cruel and like a mad dog. However, I am sure I am going enjoy it ^-O

coool.... good night

back back ^^

i'm old @.O

I have been away for quiet too long now!!!

I finished school, and officially hold the LL.M ^^ During the last few weeks in Hong Kong, it was the toughest time. I got 2 take-home exams and 2 papers. The two exams were so difficult to handle; and one of them was Rights and Remedies in Criminal Process which i had not much ideas how the common law system works. Although my learning process was slow, I did gave the best shot. In short, I passed everything.

Okay, i will try to update more often^^