you are what you eat

After I returned back from HK, it isn’t easy for me to change back old life where I used to hang out most of time. The two living styles in HK and PP are very diverse. HK life had been spent with my books, papers, school, library, pc, and my lovely messy room in St. John Collage. During my first few months, I had very serious sleep disorder made me stay up super late till 3am, 6am, and sometime till 7am. Nothing could stop this, until I finished all papers, and exams. Talking about second semester, it was still not so different from the first one. I still have some course were very tough to cope with; however, I could manage to pass by giving the best shot I could.

Among the girls stayed at the dorm with me, they are very nice and super smart which made me feel so stupid :D but remember that “Better being with among genius rather than being with nerds/negative/unproductive pp”. All in all, I love my stay in Hong Kong so much, even it was super short period of time, but at once I got to know a lot things where I could find in real life or back in my schools.

Most people, including me who returning back from study abroad usually are confusing with their future, career, and life. However I believe that whatever way I choose, I will go along with it or in short, “you are what you eat”. Despite I would regret any choice, I should try to challenge myself with something new.

I couldn’t believe I still have same questions about who I am, where I am, what I want to be, and so on. I guess some people will have these questions till the last day of their life, except some people who are dare to get out from a “SCARE, AFRAID” zone, to get their dream ^-^

Being positive is nothing bad at all, trust me.

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