Once upon a time

Once upon a time in Washington St. Louis, US at a 200 year-old hotel, there was a small girl traveled alone for the first time in the huge country, US!

I visited the Washington St. Louis University, i was arranged to stay there over night! First step there i got to feel sth super nature could happen any time already. Follow the foot door, there was a big bear hanging near dinner hall where i had to cross every time i went down. Inside my room, there were full of old photos with weird face, for example there were two creepy and scary painting for a boy and a girl. The painting of a girl was sitting at a chair and facing you with a scary eyes, and the boy playing with his balls looking at you as well! This wasn't scary enough!

At night i had to turn on all light and music! crap i didn't bring my phone charger, so i couldn't play it all night long. Then i tried to turn on the Radio, but all channels are weird, weird musics, weird DJ!

just one night there! hahahaha it scared like hell!

one of my traveling experience lol!


step up - revolution

New breaking dance - new techniques - new actors - new concept of dancing

The moves are amazing, every time i hear the music of the movie, my body couldn't stay still! OMG, i will learn this move!

They use a lot extraordinary techniques to add more color to their dance which makes the movie become even more cooler.

Dancing + Revolution : young + fresh + desire + dream => Freedom of expression! They did combine all arts together in the movie. Mob in Museum, in company...

Its gonna be in my wish list! dance move + this body! haha
Here’s the synopsis for the film:
“Emily, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer, but soon falls in love with Sean, a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs. The crew, called the MOB, strives to win a contest for a major sponsorship opportunity, but soon Emily’s father threatens to develop the MOB’s historic neighborhood and displace thousands of people. Emily must band together with Sean and the MOB to turn their performance mobs into protest mobs, and risk losing their dreams to fight for a greater cause.”


Outlet dresses - Forever 21 at FOS and WExport!

This is my last shopping of the month or year! seriously i have to stop shopping! 
need to save up for travelling! 
yoho- friend's wedding in china