Once upon a time

Once upon a time in Washington St. Louis, US at a 200 year-old hotel, there was a small girl traveled alone for the first time in the huge country, US!

I visited the Washington St. Louis University, i was arranged to stay there over night! First step there i got to feel sth super nature could happen any time already. Follow the foot door, there was a big bear hanging near dinner hall where i had to cross every time i went down. Inside my room, there were full of old photos with weird face, for example there were two creepy and scary painting for a boy and a girl. The painting of a girl was sitting at a chair and facing you with a scary eyes, and the boy playing with his balls looking at you as well! This wasn't scary enough!

At night i had to turn on all light and music! crap i didn't bring my phone charger, so i couldn't play it all night long. Then i tried to turn on the Radio, but all channels are weird, weird musics, weird DJ!

just one night there! hahahaha it scared like hell!

one of my traveling experience lol!

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