Getting a Tiny Condo

One of my biggest dreams in my life is to live by myself and completely independent from my parents and family. I know this sound too mainstream and weird to most of my Cambodian friends.

I have talked to my parents like 1000 times that I wanted to buy a condo so at the beginning I have to borrow them $ 30k but I have to find someone to rent my house in Toultompoung. Guess what? I told my very good friend who works for a group business and she said her boss will rent my house. Big giant smile on my face now. am I going to have my own place super soon? i am very thrilled now :D

PS: I do not own the photos below but this design is very inspiring. (ref: http://www.hearthandmade.co.uk/small-space-decorating-ideas/)



As usual i buy my breakfast near my office. But, today most shops were close so i went to buy fried noodle (though i don't like it). But i think this food would be quick.

Suddenly, i heard the giant blushed exploding into me. I didn't know how could i used my both hands to cover my face then i ran out and dropped my phone. I asked a guy for his half bottle of water to shower myself, and someone offered me to use their bathroom to wash off my face but there was no water because the electricity was cut off. So i ran to tuk tuk guy quick, and went to a hospital nearby.

The doctor sprayed the magic medicine all over my both hands and half of my face. So I had to stayed there for about half an hour. I didn't have enough money with me so i called a few friends. One of them is my best friends but he had to attend an important meeting and didn't text me back since then... i got home and put my both hands in ice water for 2 hours. Later i washed it off and put the magic spray again. Till in the evening i got better.

The moment the flame came on my face, i did think of some specific people who i have been thinking of constantly.

You have no other choices but to be STRONG!


Wedding Season

For so many reasons i don't like going to any wedding reception such as:
  • Appearance: Stress about makeup, hair, dress, shoes...
  • Eating: I do hate table manner... it's stress me out cuz I have to eat with my tight dress. I can't use hand... sometime i want to eat chicken and of course its bond BUT i'm afraid while i am eating some piece of it flying to other people @.@ 
  • GLASSES - i'm so blind without my glasses. I wouldn't see any prince charming in the event.
  • Heel would kill me in the end of day.
First Try - Just Love It (Though it was damn expensive)
With My Very Good Friend :)
Self-Makeup and Self-Hairdo


Secret Crush

I went to Bangkok awhile ago and of course alone. I happened to sit next to Mr. unknownname. I noticed that he has this super long tattoo in Cambodian language on his left arm. I swore I stared at his arm like every 15mn... I was like damn I was going to pull his left arm shirt and see what it written in there. lol

When I came back to PP, he sat one row above me... this is super coincidence right? until this Friday, I went to have a drink (cook) with a group of friend. suddenly, I noticed someone has that tattoo sat next to my table... damn it's Mr.unknownname.... I was like how come??? and I still don't know what his tattoo is about :/

that's all about my secret crush :D


Reading - Eating - Traveling

I know posting picture of myself in my blog is kinda my thing so don't mind!
All I can think of now are just want to read my book where the author keep talking about the beautiful Iceland and Europe... oh god! I have to plan my trip and reading my book when I will be there.
For now let me work my a** off first :D



Most of time you hold on to memories cuz they don't change. But people in your those memories often change dramatically. 



If you got a dream, you gonna protect it (period) 
Or else, you will live in someone's else dream.



I have grown up surrounding with a big family and a lot of friends. I do love surrounding myself with people as much as a husky (dog).
I do value my friends as much as my lovers but I think I am kinda born in a wrong box where society does not value open minded people and very conservative.
I get attached to things, memory, people, and friends so much. So what I'm scared the most is being FORGOTTEN. However, friendship or lover is needed two so if i hold on alone, there is no use. Plus, i respect people choice if they want to stay away or stay silence i have to accept it.
learning to be alone.