Secret Crush

I went to Bangkok awhile ago and of course alone. I happened to sit next to Mr. unknownname. I noticed that he has this super long tattoo in Cambodian language on his left arm. I swore I stared at his arm like every 15mn... I was like damn I was going to pull his left arm shirt and see what it written in there. lol

When I came back to PP, he sat one row above me... this is super coincidence right? until this Friday, I went to have a drink (cook) with a group of friend. suddenly, I noticed someone has that tattoo sat next to my table... damn it's Mr.unknownname.... I was like how come??? and I still don't know what his tattoo is about :/

that's all about my secret crush :D


Anonymous said...

He is your bodyguard

nearirath sreng said...

nope, he is my secret angel sent from heaven :D and it will be secret forever haha