As usual i buy my breakfast near my office. But, today most shops were close so i went to buy fried noodle (though i don't like it). But i think this food would be quick.

Suddenly, i heard the giant blushed exploding into me. I didn't know how could i used my both hands to cover my face then i ran out and dropped my phone. I asked a guy for his half bottle of water to shower myself, and someone offered me to use their bathroom to wash off my face but there was no water because the electricity was cut off. So i ran to tuk tuk guy quick, and went to a hospital nearby.

The doctor sprayed the magic medicine all over my both hands and half of my face. So I had to stayed there for about half an hour. I didn't have enough money with me so i called a few friends. One of them is my best friends but he had to attend an important meeting and didn't text me back since then... i got home and put my both hands in ice water for 2 hours. Later i washed it off and put the magic spray again. Till in the evening i got better.

The moment the flame came on my face, i did think of some specific people who i have been thinking of constantly.

You have no other choices but to be STRONG!

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gäãra-dě-sañd said...

that's terrible..... get well soon!