I have grown up surrounding with a big family and a lot of friends. I do love surrounding myself with people as much as a husky (dog).
I do value my friends as much as my lovers but I think I am kinda born in a wrong box where society does not value open minded people and very conservative.
I get attached to things, memory, people, and friends so much. So what I'm scared the most is being FORGOTTEN. However, friendship or lover is needed two so if i hold on alone, there is no use. Plus, i respect people choice if they want to stay away or stay silence i have to accept it.
learning to be alone.


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

It's common and this is of course one of the time u feel lonely. When people feel very lonely, yet they still want to appear strong, they will say something like "learn to enjoy their time alone". Well, my personal advice, try not to be strong. Just admit u need people in ur life and call someone up. It'll make u feel better than just trying to be happy on ur own while u r very lonely.

nearirath sreng said...

Half of what you said is true but everyone got a choice to live their lives so do I.