too little too stubborn!

i already took one week off to be well prepare for the coming day of leaving everyone! I thought i could peacefully work on some reading but i cannot concentrate. I'm all alone at a net cafe again and again where i used to be very lonely reading and preparing scholarship, and same old feeling is coming back to me, it makes me so freaking scared of world of loneliness T.T

I just want to show him that i strongly have commitment, not just giving him hard time but i am fail again and again i make everyone i love disappointed :( i am just little too stubborn. I only demand, and forget to care about other feeling!

I don't want only a small argument ruins our happy time... i want to be a real adult! real responsible! and real woman!


Time goes by SO fast

Eiyo! Time is flying again, and I need to buy the fastest wing to catch up with time or I wish to invent TIME MACHINE.

I'm going to have a nice weekend with my babe again ^-*

The Student Visa in Hong Kong needs 8 weeks to proceed, and now i haven't heard from them yet, what a tough situation! I am told that life in University of Hong Kong (HKU) is fabulous since there are tons of malls and food is very good. However, the Scholarship i received is not much so i guess i might spend all my saving money @.@ how can i survive?

The one year course of my LLM is going to be very tough. There are two semesters; and one semester remain 4 courses! So there are ton papers works every day. I shouldn't mention about hard time here, i should plan well on my departure, courses that i will take, and on how i'm going to be top in class! I'm going to give myself the best shot…Go Rath!

Of course i'm going to miss all my dudes =( my family and yes… my sweetie D Dov! but i hope they can visit me in Dec.

Ahh.. enough update about me.

50% OFF at Friend Cafe Restaurant

The food is Khmer dishes with awesome taste, the environment is good cuz of cool rock music, Wifi speed is not too bad; and don't need to talk about price since it's 50% off :D

What do u do there?-> Gathering with Friends, or do your work here thru wifi!

ADD : #549, St.Kampucheakrom (218), Khan Toulkork, PP
Phone: 855-11-968-918

Enjoy some of photos here:


Saying Goodbye to my colleagues

Basically, today is my last day at work. I do not have much work, and I feel kinda weird! I think I am going to miss people and my desk.

Actually, I haven’t packed my stuffs from office yet@.@ because I don’t know how to fit them in one box, I guess need three big boxes.

All kids (my colleagues) organized a farewell gathering at Soray mall for me, how sweet! I do not know what else I should write about now. Goodbye everyone here!

My only Male Friend =)
That's how i look like today! sick sick i think...
Group photo ^-*
it was yesterday... waiting yaya's prince pick us up!
YaYa my cute cute cute friend.




You have no idea on how to read this? =D
I got another batch of papers to refill!!! Geez, i'm not gonna sleep tonight @.O
Though i'm damn tired, i'm still able to take some good shot! hehe


Pi nis Pi nose

NGB+NBBs, Pagnawat's Farewell. He will go to Nagoya uni for 2,5 years. And the next farewell is mine for HKU yooohoo ^^
At airport to send my sis off to Malayasia, she will participate in the Youth program sth.
Opp... what are they doing? Eak Eak nas lok po nak ming!!! :P
Gloria Jean Coffee is owned by Australian, it's worldwide brand! it's nice, romantic, cool, free internet but it's quiet expensive! ;) it's okay for occasionally.
We danced and had fun like there is no tomorrow, it was for my dearest sis BD ^^

it's my mum, we did the pinky promise with sth, ahh i myself can't remember!
pinky glass :)
My nephew was sick, i visited him and i feel like the hospital is full of patients... what kind of sickness these day!!! hmmm
yab me
isn't she cute?