just a laugh

Mr. Ratana is one of the most Cambodian talented artists. He wasn't my friend originally, I am a friend of his friend. So he shared us about some famous paintings in the west and in America. When he was in NY, "I entered a room, and only saw one white paper board on the wall. I was so curious if this completely white painting cost 1million dollar???" "oh right, this is the master piece lol" 

And everyone was cracking up so hard ^^

(Just example, not this one)


Just Don't!

While I was licking my lips after eating my breakfast and turning around to find waitress, I happened to see this guy next to my table and he opened big eyes 😳. Maybe he thought I gave him a sign for sth else for V's day!

I know I know today is V's day, but I'm not this desperate to find one just for today thingy! 


Anything possible!

I've been avoided to write about my current update about life and in general, and I don't know why as well.


"you are f*king 29 years old, you got to find ways to end it!" it's a coincidence or not, its raining again.