the universe is far beyond to reach!
the unknown future holds beneat the universe! 

my poem is probably the worse ...


I would rather just stay in my cage, lock the door and throw the key into the ocean 😌

Why should anyone have to go through so much just to hope that they will meet the right one? 

i'm just saying! at least i enjoy eating my food in my cage :) 


Truth - Yoga


this year is all about self-love! 
i know that a lot people are being hard on themselves and self-love is worthless! they should wait till they got nobody but themselves only! then, they will learn to love and gentle with themselves. 

Day 2 - Yoga :)


2018 here you are!

i have done the most scariest things in my life! and I am happy to have said it :) hello 2o18@#@$#$#

It is just me, a small girl, against the big world :)