A quick updat about Cambodian Jessup team.

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Dear everyone,

I am very thankful for encouragement and everything, and we're really appreciate willing to help Koun Khmers, Cambodian Jessup team that you might never imagine how difficult and so many obstacles for us. 8 months has been passed, and another month to go we haven’t received any fund or any single dollar. USAID said no, and USA embassy seems not to care at all. The rest NGO has no budget for us.

I’m very tired of asking people help. Because it seems I’m the only one responsible for everything and the result I get nothing, plus the rest team members are just 24h prepare their part for the competition while I have extremely pressure at work, home and school. So I couldn’t do my part for the competition well which I feel very bad for myself so I usually I wish I could just give up but my team will not gonna let me go.

We have been through so much, and I don’t want to see some of us cannot make it in D.C., so I have tried so much from every person I know but it still doesn’t work out for us. What a pity team is! Our professor advisor suggests the boys selling their motorbikes, but … hmmm…

At 6 days a week, we meet and discuss how to improve our argument. We do an oral argument with our coached 2 days a weeks. i must say it very very very and extremely pressure to us.

February 19, Sonita (team member) and I are going to join a meeting with a rector of RULE and Education Ministry to give a short presentation about Jessup and why should they support us. Hopefully, at least they let us go or not crash down our plan or anything. The Jessup Community would give us a Hotel Scholarship but we need a signature of Rector but Rector could not give it unless the Education Ministry approves us first. What a complicated system. If we’re lucky enough, they might help us some money too.

On Monday, we will be interviewed at USA Embassy. And I think 89% we will get visa, but who knows the embassy in bad mood we will die all.

If anyone or any community would like to help us, please just let me know. I will send you my bank account number so u could transfer to me. I will write a clarify letter that Cambodia Jessup receive funding from you.

Just say good luck to Cambodia Jessup team and best of luck to me.


trip to Arei Skact!

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Taavetti Kärkkäinen...i bet u can't read it :) he's my friend from Finland which i usually confuse to say Fineland :D but i know he doesn't mind. I met him in Bagalore, India when Sonita and i was represent Cambodia to join ICCC(inter'l client counseling competition) he represented Finland. The last time we met was in a bus back to hotel then we missed or confused with restaurant so we didn't meet for the last time saying goodbye. so? on Saturday till Sunday Sonita and I had kept accompany him around town which was awesome :) And it was a first time that Jessup team hang out too...

Ah Noug

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