The mission might be failed! plz no question.


mara2go said...

Self – actualization × failed, don't think so.

Here my opinion:
1.Try all the ways.
The work B is in progress. This means that everything is not too late. You've come a long way from the outset, the things you have to do next is to continue until the end of your journey. As McCain once said" We never give up, we never quit, we never hide from history, we make history"

2.Rectify the situation (esp.the loophole).
It's really important that you keep track of all events happening. You are meeting difficulties and are stuck by them. You should know that if you surrender now, they'll hurt you more and more. Hence, you should rectify the situation. Remember, do little is better that do nothing.

3.What is yr next move? Making decision! Go on or Give up?

*The above is the comment of my friend

mara2go said...

What makes a leader?