Why all suddenly all those same old feeling is burning inside me again...symptoms are: 1. it's burning inside me, 2. difficult breathing, 3.headache, 4.fever, 5.confused.... gosh!!! this down emotional sickness is killing me again...


X mas coming to PP

Don't be too lonely on X mas, and I guess you guys don't want to spend X mas alone! why not come and join us ^^

Facebook Alumni Christmas Party"... On a Cruise along Chaktomuk river... Dec 25, 2009 from 5 to 9 pm.... Hurry book for reservation.... First Come, First Served..... For detail Pls view invitation card or contact: 012 222 680 / 017 58 11 48.



with the main actor Ben[in movie], David Kross :)

Same Same But Different

On Dec 19th 2009, the movie was be shown to the Cambodian crew for the first time. The premiere was taken place at Cine Lux in Phnom Penh. The actors, director and producer were also be there.
There were a a lot people showed up, and everyone wished to get it. Luckily, I had a chance to see the film. That's why i would love to share my view on it. Hope the others will have a chance to see it sooner or later.
After watching the movie, Same same but different, has made me realize something special in life and in love. everyone got only one life, we have choice, and we make decision!!!:)

bored...Opening!group pictureafter screening the film, here is the group pictures of the whole film productions. One of them is Seila, is my good friend.
Here is the link of Same same but different. and Picture at Lux cinema.

Same Same But Different movie produced by Biscuit Films movie studio directed by Detlev Buck.

After finishing school, a young German named Benjamin travels through Asia. In Phnom Penh, he meets a Cambodian girl Sreykeo and instantly falls in love. After their first night together, he discovers she works as a bargirl. Nevertheless, he enjoys their time together in this this country torn between modernity and a belief in ancient spirits. Back in Germany, Benjamin realizes he wants to keep Sreykeo in his life. Against all odds, he gives it his best shot to stay with Sreykeo forever. [For more description of the movie plz check out in PPP]


I want to go to Europe..... Sigh!!!

Jessup 2009, Washington DC, US, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

very very long way to go...



I just read a very interesting advice of BARRON TOEFL book, on how to do well on the preparation. To get success on TOEFL is not difficult for people who are smart enough to have their strategies to get high score! But not me yet, because i find very difficult for all the four sections, but it doesn't mean i'm going to give up! Just take a bit longer time than others. Moreover, staying with positive people, and people who have similar goals are also important.
Supportive people in our lives help us to do our best and be our best. Negative people steal our energy and bring us down with them. If negative people like that are in our life, we may not be able to avoid them completely, but we should consider spending less time with them, at least until we achieve our goals. We can spend the additional time with positive, and supportive people who encourage us and energize us.

If we have even one negative person in our study group, he or she will affect the progress of the entire group. If we continue to associate with them negative people, they will make it more difficult for us to act the advice for success in iBT test. Associate with positive people. This decision will increase our confidence, motivation, and energy. Stay on tract with the support of positive family members, teachers, and friends.
For those who reading this post, and who had experience taking iBT i do need other suggest and advices on how to get high score of iBT....PLZ share me ur experiences.


We nee your help, very urgent

A message form Chak Sopheap

Dear all and to those who support YNC

I am sorry to bother you at this moment.
But i truly need your kind help to one of my close friend, Sou Saren, who actively working with me in establishing a Youth Network For Change, devoting to mobilize youth network for life empowerment. He is a great team member, great father of two young kids and husband. Yesterday, i got bad news that his car got crashed by military car (i suppose it is only accident). He is at critical stage for operation. But Calmet Hospital seem ignored him, no expert doctors coming to check his situation.

My team, YNC members, is reaching his family to help to transfer him to Ratanak Hospital or Vietnam so that his critical stage can survive.
Thus, i am seeking your kind monetary help to donate to this operation. (each of my team will donate $500 each) So totally, we are 7 members ($3500). I hope to raise more for his life to be saved.

Please help. For Cambodian friends, you can reach my team, Ms. Pagna Sam (016 400 095). You can check our hardworking YNC have contribute to Cambodian community and youth at www.youthforchange.net.


Face Your Fear

"Teenage girl blogged about her painful road to death" Regine's blog

Just reading the title of this, i feel terrify already! A beautiful girl Regine is just 18 years old passed away a few days ago because of blood cancer. A long way, she had been fighting with the cancer very bravery which make a lot people so proud of and very feel so pity on her; and i believe everyone pray for her, hoping to see a miracle.

I know she is very scared of death but god already took her away from us.
I believe that she is a hero of a lot people esp. Norway, to encourage people to keep their unexpected journey on.

"Reading her blog makes me more stronger and keep me fighting for my struggling life. I am on the road where i believe myself to find something to make a better of me in order to make a better world"

Very coincidentally that i think she loves take picture of her shoes just like me too. Even we have different nation, skin color but we have the same favorite shoot.

It's from her blog!It was at Praiveng Province!But i don't have cool shoes like her :D


Photo Shoot at River Side, in front PUC

DSC02594, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

Miss All Old Good and Tough Time

Sonita KHUN(Head pig= Kbal Chrok), Nearirath SRENG(Old sis), Kimsan SOY(Ta Soy, Ta Mork), Thirith VIREAK( Kror Bei), Panha PISITH(Chicken)===> we're Cambodian Jessup Team 2009

The pic does make me flashback all those tough time together. to be continued!


Paintings of 9 Artists

Photo 177, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

Opening on Wednesday November 18, 2009, 5-8PM
(November-December 2009)

Address of the exhibition: 47, St178, PP
Tel: 023217 149

Sotha Khun is an unique artist.
He has been grown up in hard life. He lost his farther years ago, and he has only a brother and a mother. The financial of his family could not support him to finish high school. Because of his nature talent has pushed to go for art, he has graduated from Reyum Institute of Arts and Culture, where his passion belong to. He has participated in different organization of art to perform contemporary dancing, and has been showed in USA in 2008, and in Taiwan.
Today he will show his unique and extraordinary painting.


If it was the end of the world

It was two days ago, I had a very high temperature and i thought it was the was the last night of me... I had rethink and rethink, the first thing i was worry was that i am going to take day off at work again, and i was afraid they're going to fire me then i will lose my job...but after i rethink again, if it was my real last day of my last day of my life, why should i care about it...why should i care about financial, why should i care too much...whatever!!!

If it was the last day for me:

1.I would be so regret to take the job that i don't like...

2.I would be so regret to be away from my family, and didn't care much about my family. and I didn't tell my parents and my family that how important they are to me.

3.I would be happy what i have decided for any love issues.

4.I would be happy to know all good people, and they become my good friend.

5.I would be a bit regret that i hadn't told all my good friends how much i love them.

PS: i hate being sick piggy...i should be stronger!!! my damn health....


Disappointed November

Dear diary!!! Am I just so complicated girl as always??? Can u give me a break???

I am having another symptom is disappointing!!! I am kinda sad without any specific reasons, and maybe because am I getting old? Hm… sorry to write another unhappy mood post again… but I have nothing besides this blog to write down all my daily struggling life…

I might think too much without any goal or purpose in life or I might just demand too much things from everyone…or I might just …

Honestly, I am disappointed with some friends…only if I have never …I would not…
I have promised myself that… no one gonna take away my dream and smile !!! But things have happened and already took my crazy smile away from me!!! I seriously need it back.

Time to time, my parents are convinced by their relatives to Ream Cham Tuk Dak Koun Chov (…no English version here) hmm… it becomes my big concern now!!!

Oh gosh!!! How am I gonna fight with my parents and all these things???

Hmmmm… am I demanding too much???????

My damn English doesn’t improve anything at all….sigh!!!

PS: some of them really think of me???


down down down...!!!

Yab nas!!!! Kom Sot Dul kor!!! [damn sad]

I fight with everyone at home.... why is it happening all the time!!! or am i too stubborn??? Gez...tell me what should i do next!!! T-T


Khmer Rock and Roll 1960s Party

SlikPhotography-5735, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

Will be more later ^^



“Golden Reawakening” Rock & Roll Closing Party
On Saturday, October 24th, 2009 at the Chinese House

The team of Kon Khmer Koun Khmer (Cambodian Films, Cambodian Generation) is pleased to invite you to our ‘’Golden Reawakening’’ Rock & Roll Closing Party. This event will be held on Saturday, October 24th, at the Chinese House located at 45 Sisovath Quay.

Many special guests from the 60’s and 70’s will be attending this unique celebration. After the commentary by our guest speakers, the party will begin with a 60’s and 70’s fashion show. This night will build a bridge between the old and new generations with the fabulous Cambodian songs of the 60’s and 70’s, brought back to life by a Cambodian live band and a DJ set. Everyone is asked to wear the original clothing from that period.

Program of the night :

- 7:00 pm : Remarks by our special guests : Surviving filmmakers Yvon Hem, Ly Bun Yim and Ly You Sreang, Chum Noy from Bophana Center.

- 8:00 pm : 60’s and 70’s Fashion Show designed by Tith Kanitha, coaching by Ms. Dy Saveth

- 9:00 pm : 60’s and 70’s Cambodian Rock & Roll Party with Cambodian live band

- 11:00 pm : 60’s and 70’s Cambodian Rock & Roll DJ Set

Kon Khmer Koun Khmer recently produced “The Twin Diamonds”, a film that was screened at Lux cinema earlier this month. This project was led by Davy Chou, a young French filmmaker whose grandfather, Van Chann, was one of the greatest film producers in Cambodia in the 1960’s.

Entrance is $1. From 6:30 pm until late night.

Schedule of the hold Exhibition:

Another great and very exciting event of the year has arrived! Many Cambodians grasp that opportunity! The exhibition of the golden area of Cambodia’s film industry during the 1960s and 1970s has started since 17th October at 6pm at Chinese House, located along the riverside.

Unique and Fresh.

The owner of the Chinese house, Brad Godden and Davy Chou, a young film-maker whose grand-father was Mr. Vann Chan, one of the most famous film-makers in Cambodia and his production group, colloborated and worked together to bring this idea up: bring back the memories of the great past.

Cambodia shouldn’t be remembered just for the darkest period (Khmer Rouge regime). We had a very rich culture just before that Ultra-maoist period. We had about 33 movie theatres and during all those years, 350 films were produced. Most of the movies were adapted into Khmerization, with its internationally and locally famous genres.

Eleven old films will be screened during the exhibition which in total lasts 9 days, from 17th to 25th November. Morever, paintings, photos and architecture model of old movie theatres, actors and actresses will be displayed at the exhibition.

Event: Golden Awakening: Bringing the Age of Cambodian Film Back to Life

Where: Chinese House

When: 17th to 25th October

Read more from its blog.

Walking Forward

Kitty :), originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

Everyone has their own problem, so do i!!! though i have tried to think and find answer for all questions i used to have, and have now, it doesn't work out much...so??? eat all up, and have fun with them :) i am a cool Rath as always ahaha i am being too proud of myself again ^-^


Hold Up My Heart -Brooke White

Please, Hold up my Heart
Give me a reason for this empty silence

You're here but you seem so far
Why did you run away from me?
Is it because I'm not as pretty as I used to be?
Oh, like a picture on the wall,
Shoulda known that I was bound to fall,

So Please, Hold up my Heart
Give me a reason for this empty silence
Please, hold up my heart
Darlin', I am changing, but everybody's changing too.

When I am weak try to always find the best of you and me
But I will always be the one who understands you
Like a picture on the wall
Shoulda known that I was bound to fall

So please, hold up my heart
Give me a reason for this empty silence
Please, hold up my heart
Darlin' I am changing, but everybody's changing too.

We share hope, we share life
We share kisses by the fire
and I will always be the one who understands you

So Please, hold up my heart
Give me a reason for this empty silence
Please, hold up my heart
Give me a reason for this empty silence
Please, hold up my heart
Darlin' I am changing, but everybody's changing too.

{Ba, Ba da da da, Ba da da da da da da }

Darlin, I am changing, but everybody's Changing too.

[the original track is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlZNr10yJAA&feature=fvw]


I'm taking serious form now on ( I gues) ^^

It's time for Scholarship Hunting!!!

Photo: was in March 2008, before the International Client Counseling competition in India :D

Haha...just want to show off my commitment :P


feeling the same old same old... why does it happening to me again and again? what have i done wrong in previously life? what have i done wrong in this life? why??? it's just perfectly the same old one!!! Sigh....


Untitled Agian!!!

"what hides behind smile is full of lies ,
you only see my outside but you dont how to read me inside,
you only see what i want you to see,I have not showed you my fears,pain,sorrow
and the tears I have held back that drowns inside of me. " By Timmy Lee Vong

La Compagnie BosbaPANH at Chaktumuk Hall

I was just so lucky enough to have a ticket to this awesome concert. I couldn't enjoy the last part of it since my phone range so many times...dad said "aren't you having enough fun??? come home now" =(
Would love to put more describe later because i forget the booklet of the concert and all the songs she sang ^^ She is just so amazing little girl.


About to leave for home under the heavy rain and damn traffic jam

My eyes are damn difficult to see things at night plus i hate traffic jam...i'm going to survive or not tonight?


Photo 330, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

Go Lux cinema this Satruday (3 oct) at 5pm to watch the most interesting movie made by 60 students :)

flyer barcamp

flyer barcamp, originally uploaded by BarCamp Phnom Penh.

if you want to meet me and all exciting moment, come to join Barcamp PP :)