Same Same But Different

On Dec 19th 2009, the movie was be shown to the Cambodian crew for the first time. The premiere was taken place at Cine Lux in Phnom Penh. The actors, director and producer were also be there.
There were a a lot people showed up, and everyone wished to get it. Luckily, I had a chance to see the film. That's why i would love to share my view on it. Hope the others will have a chance to see it sooner or later.
After watching the movie, Same same but different, has made me realize something special in life and in love. everyone got only one life, we have choice, and we make decision!!!:)

bored...Opening!group pictureafter screening the film, here is the group pictures of the whole film productions. One of them is Seila, is my good friend.
Here is the link of Same same but different. and Picture at Lux cinema.

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Pros Thom said...

Interesting storyline. However, I was sort of disappointed that they used a Thai woman to play the role of Srey Keo.