I just read a very interesting advice of BARRON TOEFL book, on how to do well on the preparation. To get success on TOEFL is not difficult for people who are smart enough to have their strategies to get high score! But not me yet, because i find very difficult for all the four sections, but it doesn't mean i'm going to give up! Just take a bit longer time than others. Moreover, staying with positive people, and people who have similar goals are also important.
Supportive people in our lives help us to do our best and be our best. Negative people steal our energy and bring us down with them. If negative people like that are in our life, we may not be able to avoid them completely, but we should consider spending less time with them, at least until we achieve our goals. We can spend the additional time with positive, and supportive people who encourage us and energize us.

If we have even one negative person in our study group, he or she will affect the progress of the entire group. If we continue to associate with them negative people, they will make it more difficult for us to act the advice for success in iBT test. Associate with positive people. This decision will increase our confidence, motivation, and energy. Stay on tract with the support of positive family members, teachers, and friends.
For those who reading this post, and who had experience taking iBT i do need other suggest and advices on how to get high score of iBT....PLZ share me ur experiences.


Kalyan said...

practice as many times as possible :) and good luck!

nobody said...

Actually, the test is difficult, but a good preparation will help a lot.
In fact, the iBT TOEFL test is very biased, it depends too much on the classroom environment in U.S. college, thus it's kinda hard when we're not familiar with it.
But u know wat? "Practice makes perfect" ^_^