We nee your help, very urgent

A message form Chak Sopheap

Dear all and to those who support YNC

I am sorry to bother you at this moment.
But i truly need your kind help to one of my close friend, Sou Saren, who actively working with me in establishing a Youth Network For Change, devoting to mobilize youth network for life empowerment. He is a great team member, great father of two young kids and husband. Yesterday, i got bad news that his car got crashed by military car (i suppose it is only accident). He is at critical stage for operation. But Calmet Hospital seem ignored him, no expert doctors coming to check his situation.

My team, YNC members, is reaching his family to help to transfer him to Ratanak Hospital or Vietnam so that his critical stage can survive.
Thus, i am seeking your kind monetary help to donate to this operation. (each of my team will donate $500 each) So totally, we are 7 members ($3500). I hope to raise more for his life to be saved.

Please help. For Cambodian friends, you can reach my team, Ms. Pagna Sam (016 400 095). You can check our hardworking YNC have contribute to Cambodian community and youth at www.youthforchange.net.