Face Your Fear

"Teenage girl blogged about her painful road to death" Regine's blog

Just reading the title of this, i feel terrify already! A beautiful girl Regine is just 18 years old passed away a few days ago because of blood cancer. A long way, she had been fighting with the cancer very bravery which make a lot people so proud of and very feel so pity on her; and i believe everyone pray for her, hoping to see a miracle.

I know she is very scared of death but god already took her away from us.
I believe that she is a hero of a lot people esp. Norway, to encourage people to keep their unexpected journey on.

"Reading her blog makes me more stronger and keep me fighting for my struggling life. I am on the road where i believe myself to find something to make a better of me in order to make a better world"

Very coincidentally that i think she loves take picture of her shoes just like me too. Even we have different nation, skin color but we have the same favorite shoot.

It's from her blog!It was at Praiveng Province!But i don't have cool shoes like her :D

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Prum Seila said...

This girl looks like Maya, isn't it?

Do you think the same to her? Please don't do like that.

Bomnong la-ar Pi Seila