you can give up anything, but never give up hope?????
I never give up!!! I never let things go easily!!! I'm never been hopeless!!! 
there is no impossible in my dictionary!!!


Suddenly, i am very hopeless, and i can see the end already, but for now only how i can end it!!!

it's scared me to dead, and i couldn't share this to anyone ....
i'm so scared and i couldn't find s.o to comfort my feeling.

What IF there is no tomorrow?
What IF is no .... ?
What IF ?
how i am going through this alone?
this is pity!!!

i'm scared...



I always think that running a business is not easy; but, i never ever thought it could be this difficult and time consuming so much just to have this small project on track! 

My fashion boutique is en route to serve everyone. It has done about 50% only, and I already spent most of my saving already. 

There are a lot more to do. Another new adventure is about to begin ;)


i miss here!

I have so much ideas what to do next, next and next! But i couldn't concentrate to a single thing. What happen to me? I should have been more sufficient than this, seriously.

Life has been a bit challenging. 

how to rotate this pic =.=' 


Life is so good!

Politic:  being a Cambodian, I do care about my country. I wish all the best to my country, and I don't want to keep blaming this and that, but instead I should take part to help my country. 
The question is how? I think that as adult, we should talk about our concerns about the country. 
Stop being ignorance and all you care about your own interest! 

Job: I thought being a lawyer is cool, but I kinda lose interest because it doesn't seem what i thought it were. BUT, it doesn't mean anything that i would give it up. For now i will just fight hard, and find a better way to work more sufficiently. Maybe watch " Suit", and steal some ideas from them. 

Business: I am still very struggling with my online store until now i haven't made a single dollar yet >.< ended up losing a lot. BUT this is just a beginning. i will keep it a challenge for me. Soon enough i will have my own store ;)


update life

Working at an international firm is a bit depressing BUT people and standardize are very good! I always dream of working at a place where are full of wonderful people but challenging job => this is it! I have fight harder and harder, i can't afford to disappoint anyone.

Have i told you guys that i just had my online store? LIKE my page now at https://www.facebook.com/fashionerkh 

I hope i can bring the concept of H&M - fashionable at best price!



people say if you love someone, its both sides love! its gonna last long forever! the thing is some point in the process, someone gave up and left out someone else in middle of nowhere and lost!

i'm scared of future BUT i always chase future although i know if i go forward, i would fail but i still did! can't change that!


Emotional balancing!

I was born with frustration, nervous, worried, scared, and over-thinking >.< just right now i am super frustrated with things around me!!!

A random radio show on BBC, there was (I can't remember the name) a author of the theory said " you can't afford to experience the extreme emotional because it might lead to depression at some point!" he also added that controlling your emotion is the most difficult thing to do for example if you are too positive, it might not realistic and this could result stress and depression. Therefore, you have to realistic at the same time balance your emotional. If you were about to be brainwashed, you have to keep in mind that anyone can take away any part of your physique but they cannot take your soul. 

 I do agree with him sometime, yet I believe that if you work extreme hard, and play extreme hard, it would balance life BUT u do not have time to confront your feeling, thing u have done the past because you are too busy to work and play!!! 

For now I will combine my own life theory = working hard + playing hard + and quiet time to relax and flashback my life and thing i did.

Cool, i have a deal for myself now

trying to be cute ~ fail! lolz


quick update!

Maybe i have to do a quick update very personal about ME.

Only this year I do feel very old but I am satisfied with my achievement:
1. Stable Health and weight (even i try to eat like giant and do regular workout)
2. Professional - i do want to change my job and i did it ;) isn't it cool working for a big law firm in town?
3. I did manage my budget to buy a small car so that i can be independent enough to fly around town wherever and whenever.
4. I think I get back my confident and will fix my anxiety that I really don't know why!!!


Good life

I am really having a good life now :) can you believe that?
Just myself o.o


Fat Boy - American Sandwich

If u like American food, you will find this one very good.

Add: 124 street 130 Phnom penh, not far from Central Market. 012 704500 - 023 991430.


life = traveling

Kampot/Kep is always one of my most favorite place on earth. Why
- only 150km away from Phnom Penh
- good food both local and western
- sea, river, and waterfal are all in one place
- many cute, relax, and hidden paradise resort
- the most important is that i can always find good deal in food, and accomodation.

For most local travelers, they seem to miss out some simple tips on how to have the most out of their time during traveling in own secret beauty country, Cambodia. 

Here is what i always do before i travel,

- tripadviser.com => just search your destination => you find what to do there, and where to stay.
- hotel: i often use agoda.com to find a good deal wherever i go even local trip.
- bagain: i often phone call to the hotels (local) to ask about the price and end up to bagain with the excuse that we will only arrive late, and won't long in hotel and we are Khmer at least give us some discount. Ex, i got a good discount from $35 to $25 a night a very nice resort, Vine Retreat at www.thevineretreat.com/ for those who love nature and quiet with reasonable price, this one will suit you.

I will add more tips later. For now plz enjoy my pictures below:


Before we began our trip, we had to check our car at E-garase for safety reason. I must say e-garase is very professional and standard. 

Natural swimming pool :)
I had to clean the pool by myself before i could really jump in :0 or i just didn't wAnt to bother people around! And it was fun to do it :D

View from the diyning space
I thought they were fake flower o.O omg it was real n very beautiful
Inside the room
Heaven food - our breakfast!

The vip worker at the peper farm, south africa :
O.0 m joking

Best peper in the world 

Got out for dinner with this extrodinary view just in front of us.
Adventure had started here at Phone voir or vine. First time i had my first real hiking in my country, and we walked about 4 hours in very disfficult trek. There were two local guides who had their shape knife which it freak us out sometime whenever we thought of herrible movies! At least we are back in one piece lolz.

It was a bad choice that i did not have a proper hiking shoes! 

Unbeatable trekking! I wish i could show how difficult it was!

Finally, it's worth to clime this high!

This pic would describe perfectly how much i surferred!

What i rewarded myself is this ;) 

Morning in kampot
Evening in kampot

Evening in kampot
Evening in kampot late night

Hydropower plent at Tik Chhou
Hydropower plent at Tik Chhou
Hydropower plent at Tik Chhou

Goodbye heaven and i have to cone back to fight in hell but with joy ;)


Green bowl - JP rest.

This is a new discovery and will be added to my list. It is also another rest review.

Add: No. 29B, st. 288, BKK, PP. 089-831-007

Fyi: sorry for the poor photos quality! Wish I could take my big camera around @.@