update life

Working at an international firm is a bit depressing BUT people and standardize are very good! I always dream of working at a place where are full of wonderful people but challenging job => this is it! I have fight harder and harder, i can't afford to disappoint anyone.

Have i told you guys that i just had my online store? LIKE my page now at https://www.facebook.com/fashionerkh 

I hope i can bring the concept of H&M - fashionable at best price!


Panharath said...

I wish i were in cambodia and shop at your store, because H&M is also my all time fav. Oh Congrats btw! Life is good! :D

Vuthisokunna Menh said...

I commit to allow myself to work for intl organization and yeah.. it's fun, challenging, competitive and quite a pain in the butt. There's a long list of standard and rules to follow, but it's good to be standardize. Hehe..

Hey, I'm interested in your online shop. I found it in IG, but you haven't post many pics. And, is there anyway you can have F21 here too?

nearirath sreng said...

Hello my two ladies: @Panharath: too bad you're not around, but i can tell you are having a perfect life in the Sate. @kunna: I always admire you that you such a very smart plus very pretty ;) thz dear. Soon i will accept Forever21.