I did what I could!

People say you have to do your best and I did it!
I have submitted all the required documents to the Embassy and they did not tell me when I can know the result.
Well, I packed my backpack and ready to be off in case I get my visa in the last minute :)


Go for it Rath!

Plan A: it doesn't matter if you cannot find a friend to write you the damn letter! I will just do my best! 

Plan B: If I can't get it, I will try my best to go thru French embassy! 

Plan C: I will just buy a last minute plan ticket to ever that doesn't require a damn  visa! 

Plan D: if nth ever work out! I will just wait and save up! 

After all I did my best!!! And age is just number! 


Vol Vol

Last night I was so tired and a bit over limit! I did workout for one hour and then I actually packed my backpack. Imagine what to bring what not. Just in case I can get my visa in the last minute :)

Maybe I'm too stress and couldn't think of sth else except packing my bag lol


The whole world is going against me!!!

i'm so so so sad that i have planed for a very long time just to visit Europe with all my saving but i need to have a stupid invitation letter!!! and likely none of my friend is willing to do it for me T.T

I bought a super expensive backpack just for this trip at least to me, a nice Nike shoes and even air ticket... what am i going to do with all these thing? what am i going to do during my long leave?

The worst thing about Europe is not about getting lost, getting kidnapped or whatsoever!!! the worst thing would be not able to go!!! I really don't know where to spend my big 30 yrs birthday. i'm so lost with words. what am i supposed to do?

All i can do now just cry my eyes off!
I wish I could just buy a ticket and fight to somewhere far without having any visa requirements! life sucks!!!!!


Modern World - known how to suppress yourself

In the real modern world taught people to suppress themselves to another wholly new person because express your true feeling would come with a lot consequences.

You taught to act cool and calm even deep down you are not!
You taught to not say "miss/love/sorry" to anyone first or else you will lose your pride and it is true!
You taught to be fit in with society and if you are different you are bad!

Sorry, i am different and i have accepted all the consequences even it hurts sometime.

A tease holiday post!

Just got back from holiday!!! 

This is just a tease post ;)


GoPro Hero 4 Silver + the Best Deal in Siem Reap

GoPro Hero 4 Silver
First, I never thought of buying one until I met a young kid who loves travel as much as I do. She convinced me that I don't go to Europe every year or sth so we must have one to capture our live time trip.
After a month of considering having one, here it is :)
The Best Deal in Siem Reap
I am very passionate with discount and deals in general including shopping and traveling. I have been searching for months and months for hotels, hostels and airbnb. So everything in Europe is extremely expensive.  
Recently, my fingers were itchy so I checked hotels in Siem Reap, the popular destination in Cambodia, and the  prices of the 5 and 4 stars were the best deal ever comparing hotel price in Europe… I couldn’t stop my hand from booking them. As the result I will stay in the 4 stars hotel for $51 on the first day then the five stars hotel for $72.
I will write a review about them later.


ToO oLd

When i came home for a power nap, i wanted to go to club dancing so bad. But, i was there, i was like holly molly most pp are kiddo and i am too sober to notice every small little things. What if there were a fire, there is no back door or light to exit door! we would become a BBQ chicken for real! then i saw people had those weird dancing moves =.=

Ohhhhhh... My Ducky!!! i am too old for clubbing now!

Then i went on to another older bar with my older sis. it wasn't fun at all but i met some my good friends and we kinda had quality time with her. Again, i couldn't convince myself to dance at all. All i wanted is to come back home to blog this sh*t. 

i might be too old for anything!!!! 


Lifetime Backpack - Ebag

The I'm super excited to have this bag omg 😱😱😱 they are amazing and light! It helps me a lot when I carry it, it doesn't feel super heavy at all!!! Such a good investment. 
The outlet green jacket I bought in local market is fantastic as well beside this bright color, everything is good. I know that weather in Europe won't be that cold but just in case I will see snow in Switzerland:D


Ching Ming

The Qingming or Ching Ming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, is a traditional Chinese festival to honor the death of your family members like your grandparents or your parents. For more you can see at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qingming_Festival

Most people who have lived next to the river esp at my hometown in Kandal province are Khmer-Chinese. I know I am very tan but my family forces me to believe that we are Khmer-Chinese hehe.

So this Ching Ming has been a re-united with my family and relatives :) I am very happy to see my parents laughed a lot...

We are all cousins and we have so much childhood memories together at our hometown.
for your info I am the oldest :/

That is my young sis.
omg, I didn't know cows are very gentle and smart T.T What have I done? I should stop eating beef :(
My dad's grandparents' grave is another side of my mom's side. So we had to take this tiny ferry. 

At my mom's side there is a small river where we used to swim every time we come here... So when I was about 7 years old, I saw all my cousins jumped in this river so I did too but I didn't know how to swim and neither i know the water was deep. Luckily, my mom saw me i was drowning, she came and saved my life.

This is kind of money, gold and everything are made from paper to be burnt to our ancestors. Old people believe that this will return them in real money, gold and so on. 

The actual grave of my dad's side.


Word Search - me loser!

Had a great time playing this game with my nephew and guess what??? I'm such a loser lol
He is bigger than me 😭