ToO oLd

When i came home for a power nap, i wanted to go to club dancing so bad. But, i was there, i was like holly molly most pp are kiddo and i am too sober to notice every small little things. What if there were a fire, there is no back door or light to exit door! we would become a BBQ chicken for real! then i saw people had those weird dancing moves =.=

Ohhhhhh... My Ducky!!! i am too old for clubbing now!

Then i went on to another older bar with my older sis. it wasn't fun at all but i met some my good friends and we kinda had quality time with her. Again, i couldn't convince myself to dance at all. All i wanted is to come back home to blog this sh*t. 

i might be too old for anything!!!! 


Pinkii Kdamprai said...

retired lol

gäãra-dě-sañd said...

Now you get a glimpse of how I feel... good good!