Who would not go crazy with all crazy S A L E ? 
of course not for guys!

Just so you know that there are not many good deal in Cambodia only recently some brands came in and put all these crazy sale available. So we bought mostly 70% off only ^^ That would not make us feel too guilty. 

I did have great time with my gangs :)


Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!!!

I don't really have any special plan for today but the holiday mood is very up in the air now :) I might go to gym a dinner and clubbing with some good friends tonight.

I wish I were in a cold country where there is full of snow. I've never touched real snow in my life yet. As I remember I saw snow in some mountain on the way from California to SF by bus. I was like I wanted to stop the bus and run fast to grab the snow in the mountain... still wishing =.='

But it is not too bad now cuz Phnom Penh's weather now is not hot and chill which is good for Xmas eve.

Wish you all the best and keep smiling like there is no tomorrow guys :* :* :*


Best Friend's Wedding

She and I have such a long story how we became friend since 2009. She was my first boyfriend ex-gf, i don't know if it makes sense. Whatsoever, we become close friend since then. She is more than a just friend to me even she a bit sassy. I was so worries my sassy friend wouldn't be able to find any guy to love her all the heart she would give back. Finally :) he showed up and they got married.

I love you ah k'lin.

Wish you all the best in the world and may the love last forever.


All I want this Christmas is you 😍🤔

smaller box

I used to have super big box where i put all my best friends, friends, family and everyone. Later, i realize i don't need 1000 people in my life. So i made my box a bit smaller for only my good friends, best friends and family. Time flies, i realized everyone of these people are getting busier and no time for this tiny friend so the box is getting smaller.

RECENTLY, 99% of my friends got married all at once this year and some of my friends don't want to talk to me any more... so here i am in this tiny box alone BUT strangely i am not lonely even i am in this tiny box alone! 


Just Follow Your Heart

If you like someone, you express it even you know it might not work out or you might not get the answer you want to hear because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Maybe it might hurt you later if you follow your heart rather than your head. But, life is short and love is too beautiful not to express it.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. So never regret for what you have done because you have followed your heart BUT with limits.

Whoever has found the right one, you gotta hold on him/her, you gotta be patient and work it out till the end.

Whoever hasn't found the one, it is okay to be a free soul. Maybe you are in love with yourself. He/she might has been the same thing as you... is with the wrong one :)

Sometime it is okay to be not okay.
Embrace yourself.
Work harder.
Improve your professional.  
Focus on your dream :)
Plan your trip.
Read your books.
Walk your dog.
Date your parents and family.



Judge - ICRC Moot Court

When i was in law school, i did several competitions like moot courts. The main reason of doing these moot courts was traveling abroad for free :D how awesome, right?

I've never been top student in any class but i did my best of a few subjects that i liked only! so i wasn't that bad ^^

I was invited to be a judge at my law school in the last minute. If it wasn't for my good friend, i wouldn't do it. So i spent half my Saturday reading the materials.

I was hesitate whether i should go to Jessie J concert or not! i made the right choice because it was super cool. But when i got home around mid night, i had to read the material till my eyes shut lol I did it :)

    I was in a rush so i didn't dress properly :/ 

    That's my law school :)

Jessie J concert in Cambodia

Jessie J is one of the most talented singers I must say!!! She is very genuine and kind hearted girl. During her speech, she cried, she .... I don't know what to put in words.

We tried our best to come early at 5pm, I know right it is too early. But, the DJ was awesome so we danced from 5:30-6:30pm and the music was just so cool! I have to go to any music festival in my life at least a few times...

I just had awesome time with my gangs.


A Pantomime

Rath, do you want to see a play called "The Mask of Zero"? I was like, yes why not. 
But i had no ideas what it was until i just watched it today.

I honestly found it awesome and i want to part a role next year :D maybe...



He is always (likely always) waiting for me to get home because I would walk him or I would play with him.

One of those late night we play he wanted THIS. It's so funny how he enjoys this small bucket.
    That is him, Aldo. FYI, he is almost bigger than me now.

    I hate to force him to take this photo with me :D excuse myself, I look a bit dreadful due to  
    oversleep :D


Even god is also not on my side!

I already drafted the lease agreement for my Toultompoung house BUT in the last minute that tenant changed his mind. I couldn't believe it so it means that I will have not money to buy anything and I will live with my family forever and ever :/

Even god is also not on my side!

Okay, here is another option. I can buy the early condo project so I will not have to so money at the beginning. the down part is I have to wait for two years until the project completed. I will be so broke during these two years and I will not be able to travel FAR T.T

I will sort things out, I think.


Really Really Really SAD

I am about to be able to buy that tiny condo BUT it was sold last week. Oh god! this is very difficult for people who doesn't have much money like me!!!

Finger crossed, I hope find sth soon.


Family Day

I spent 80% of my weekend with my family which is a bit too much for me to handle :P I don't know if you would feel the same way hehe.
will write more later...... I got work to do.
    Likely, this is my entire family

    The three sisters!

    My super nasty sister! 






Just want to update a little bit from the incident that happened to me last Friday. Thank any God that I was fast and went to the hospital on time. So I think I will not have any scar ( I hope).

Yesterday I had to attend a friend's wedding with this black wounded on my forehead and I wasn't comfortable with that. But, I randomly met my very good friend who shares everything together at the wedding :D

    That's my 20mn makeup :D not that bad, right?

    us ^^
    First day at work, I have this thing in my face lol
    That is me today ^.^

    HOPE I won't have scar :/


Getting a Tiny Condo

One of my biggest dreams in my life is to live by myself and completely independent from my parents and family. I know this sound too mainstream and weird to most of my Cambodian friends.

I have talked to my parents like 1000 times that I wanted to buy a condo so at the beginning I have to borrow them $ 30k but I have to find someone to rent my house in Toultompoung. Guess what? I told my very good friend who works for a group business and she said her boss will rent my house. Big giant smile on my face now. am I going to have my own place super soon? i am very thrilled now :D

PS: I do not own the photos below but this design is very inspiring. (ref: http://www.hearthandmade.co.uk/small-space-decorating-ideas/)