smaller box

I used to have super big box where i put all my best friends, friends, family and everyone. Later, i realize i don't need 1000 people in my life. So i made my box a bit smaller for only my good friends, best friends and family. Time flies, i realized everyone of these people are getting busier and no time for this tiny friend so the box is getting smaller.

RECENTLY, 99% of my friends got married all at once this year and some of my friends don't want to talk to me any more... so here i am in this tiny box alone BUT strangely i am not lonely even i am in this tiny box alone! 


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

I'm in that 1% of those people that haven't got married. :D

nearirath sreng said...

:D but i'm sure your box is smaller than mine.