Just Follow Your Heart

If you like someone, you express it even you know it might not work out or you might not get the answer you want to hear because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Maybe it might hurt you later if you follow your heart rather than your head. But, life is short and love is too beautiful not to express it.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. So never regret for what you have done because you have followed your heart BUT with limits.

Whoever has found the right one, you gotta hold on him/her, you gotta be patient and work it out till the end.

Whoever hasn't found the one, it is okay to be a free soul. Maybe you are in love with yourself. He/she might has been the same thing as you... is with the wrong one :)

Sometime it is okay to be not okay.
Embrace yourself.
Work harder.
Improve your professional.  
Focus on your dream :)
Plan your trip.
Read your books.
Walk your dog.
Date your parents and family.


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