Judge - ICRC Moot Court

When i was in law school, i did several competitions like moot courts. The main reason of doing these moot courts was traveling abroad for free :D how awesome, right?

I've never been top student in any class but i did my best of a few subjects that i liked only! so i wasn't that bad ^^

I was invited to be a judge at my law school in the last minute. If it wasn't for my good friend, i wouldn't do it. So i spent half my Saturday reading the materials.

I was hesitate whether i should go to Jessie J concert or not! i made the right choice because it was super cool. But when i got home around mid night, i had to read the material till my eyes shut lol I did it :)

    I was in a rush so i didn't dress properly :/ 

    That's my law school :)

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