Dead Project

Why do you want to invest in a dead project?
Such a waste of time and energy... right?
sometime our hearts are stronger than our brains!!! oh dear this is like "inside out" movie! sometime Enjoy speaks louder than Sadness.


Like A Movie

sometime i see my life as a movie!

there is time like the action movie when i did my competition, on my duty or doing a presentation! it's funny that everyone thinks that they are the main actor and they doing their own film. 

there is time like you are in the comedy movie when you are with your close friends, having fun and laughing so hard, you just can't live without with your good friends who stand there when you need them to, stand there when the world turns back to her! sadly, people grow old and they forget leave you behind. 

there is time like you are in the romantic movie when you start to have the weird feeling toward a boy next door. you started to stare the boy from far far away, and somehow you wish the boy would come and talk to you silly. Later when you were 24yrs pissed with all study and competition, you wanted a love just a love just for the experiment. you learnt the hard lesson of being heartbroken for the first time! later on you start to have a the vaccinated heartbroken. 

I do like the happy ending movies....But, none of my movie ends with happy ending! 

Carey Mulligan - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme