Don’t know why!!!

Million questions are always come to my mind and I just don’t know how to answer all that questions so the only way can understand and respond those question, I have to keep going to work hard, be highs elf-esteem, be confident, do my best, keep my dream, never give up, be strong, and be myself.

There are a thousand predicaments which I have to face so I must be strong enough to stand up and go forward to my dream.

While I was in grade 8 that my parents bought the computer for my elder sister, I was really fascinated in technology. I spent for 5 hours to 8 hours everyday to search everything and go into all the programs in the computer. I had made it error for a few times that’s why my family, especially my sister blamed me so much about this but this still couldn’t stop me and it would me made me more and more interested in it because of millions questions and wondering. It was so funny that my sister asked me how to solve some problem which there was nobody didn’t know how to do it. I can say that I’m really expert in computer in among of my family members.

In grade 10, which was my first time to know what is internet, and it was time to create my first e-mail. One of my friends had introduced me to create an e-mail, since that time I was really interested everything in internet, especially, chatting in MIRC after that is yahoo massager. I have spent much time to chat in MIRC; it was about 2 or 3 hours per day. It became a bad habit till I couldn’t do something else. One of the factors which made me like this is the technology movies—investigating by using internet, and so forth—I usually expected to be an expert in computer either technology. To make this dream come true, I expected to study IT.

In grade 11 and 12, I had a dream to become an outstanding student in Physic subject but it didn’t like what I hoped cos of some stupid reasons. I just feel disappointed till now. I one asked mum to study special course but it couldn’t happened; I thought that she might not trust me that I could do it. Moreover, the most favorite of my Physic teacher changed his mind to like another student who is one of my best friends. This was really bad for me till I could do nothing instead feeling disappointed, sad………… I really regretted about this.

To Be Continued!!!!!!!!