I was desperate in need of my good friends around then I realised I have none!

What have i done?why people around leave just like that? Even i have tried to fix but still it never works.

What have i done? What have i done so wrong, Rath? 


Given up!

Not all wounds would be healed! But you learn to live with those wounds inside you. I have to give up on this... I should have given up long long long time ago... I don't know why I keep having those hopes that don't even exist anymore.



I have this tiny garden at the condo :) Recently we got a lot visitors, a family of snail. I don't even know how they can fly to my condo on 12th floor and are these snails is relative or not! I got scared of them a bit actually but don't mind to let them live here.

This morning I checked them out but I couldn't find them anywhere :( instead i found some leaves left not he floor so I think there might be bird eat them all T.T

Poor the family!


Blood Diamond

When I first watched the movie called "Blood Diamond", I was very moved by the fact how they get diamond to the real world for sale. Since then I told myself I will not own any diamond for myself!

Where have I been to contribute to make the world better? What have I done until now? The answer is still NOTHING until someone opens the door for the opportunity for me.


Siem Reap - the food heaven, full choices of accommodations and rich history of Cambodia!

Siem Reap is always a magic land with all these amazing old temples including all the amazing hotels with incredible choices of prices.

Bus: Lavyta - $9
Hotel: Petit temple -$30
Rent bicycles- $1.5
Food range - $3 to $10

We didn't pay for any tuk tuk in SR cuz we all have our bikes and the

hotel is close to pub street.



Is there any invisible blanket from Harry Potter? Can i borrow one? I'm done with human being for now :D


Deepwater Horizon Movie!

Some movies actually really powerful to wake the f* yourself up from your comfort zone and to think about your life! Deepwater Movie is definitely one of these. If you want to know what I am going to talking about, you should watch it or at least watch the trailer below. What I myself observed and learnt from the movies are as follows:

Some jobs are tremendously important to ensure the safety of other people. Small mistakes could cause death of others. Like in this case, the cement  company didn't do their job properly in which contributed the cause of the oil explosion. As the result it killed 19 people and million of creatures in the sea and more.

Oil companies are billion dollars business so everything is all about saving and making more money. The guy from the oil company forced people to make a stupid decision in order to make money quick. The cement underground near the oil pipe was leaking so the decision of ducking deeper in ocean in order to find oil was stupid enough to cause the explosion.

Who is going to responsible for such huge disaster? The company is an entity so it can't be jailed. Is there is any personal liability on the guy from the oil company in laws of USA? How about the Risk Assessment???

I really hate this society now! everything is all about materialistice, pride, social status, good job.... and MONEY. Do they know they only have one life and it's short? When they die they won't get anything with them?

Instead, people will do anything including killing the mother of nature just to have all of these. Sorry people (including my parents), I'm different and I will be not one of them.


Get a Husband!!!!

Go and get yourself a husband asap!!! you're 30 yrs and if you don't find a husband now, u will never have one! you will die alone and will live by yourself for the rest of your life!!! 
(That's my parents keep yelling at me.)

I will make sure you will get a husband! you can't just live your life like that!
(My best friend.)

Come on la, find a man to get married and settle down. Stop having fun and have a real life like everyone else, you're not young any more.
(My good friends that occasionally I meet.)

Get a big bf so you won't travel alone! He will take care of you! Like if you had a big bf, the taxi driver in VN wouldn't have tried to rip you off and almost hit you in the face! 
(My foreign friend!)

When is your big day? Come on la .. Don't lie! let us know when your wedding is - I was like!!! Never - Then they go on and on... come on everyone is married and have a life... - I don't care!!! 
(My friends i have never met in real life again and who i happened to talk to through social media and friends i haven't met for 10 years at wedding receptions.)

Come on!!! life is so beautiful and life is not always about love people! 
(My single friends who are in the same boat.)

Man! your thinking is like a man! how come? get a bf and get married la!
(My Indonesian friend who visited me recently. It's a he and he got a gf lol!)

I promised myself to lock my heart for 2 years and it's been 1 year and half now! but i am already very comfortable being by myself. So the idea of having a relationship makes me freak out. My best friend had been in at least 20 relationships before she got married, and I've never seen her cry not even once! 

ME? When Lucky (my kinda first dog)  died when i was about 7 yrs i cried my eyes off for months and i prayed at his grave for weeks...that's why my mum never gets us another dog. So basically, i'm an emotional freaking girl who can't get over anything. It is almost impossible! that's why i'm scared of LOVE. I only had my first love when i was 23 or 24 yrs i think for only a month but it hunted me for 2 years at least! so my whole life only has been in relationship for 3 times only... i might punch or kick those guys who flirt me! By that i mean i run away lol!!!

For now, i am not scared of anything at ALL. Maybe, i will not scare of LOVE too.


A Broken Glass

Today is my second time I cooked at my sister house. As always, i am a clumsy and forgetful girl i broke a glass stood next to me, and i got cut :( I didn't know that until I saw blood in my hands. I was a bit shaking but I had to clean the small pieces of the glasses before someone else could possibly get injure as well.

This is my second time to see a lot of my blood in my own hands. The first time i was cutting the hardest sausage which was kept in the freight for months and i got a big cut on my finger. It was so much blood when i was in the middle of night in my uni in hk. I didn't have first aid or anything with me. So I got one hand left to google around, " How to stop blood at home". i was told to use tea bag to stick on the wound. Voila it stop :) The next day I went to buy medicine.

But this time its funny i got cut on my butt!!! don't know if i can sit working properly tomorrow :/


 I can't eat whatever and as much as before I want :(
(This photo is so random i know, it was in Myanmar... as a lost kid)
My older sis went to have the blood test, and i was tagged along! She insisted me to get my blood checked, so did I! It came out that her health is better than mine... And I have too many virus in my body. Such an unhealthy little girl as usual.

(i) I have virus in my blood which mean I have been eaten a lot unhealthy and unclean food :/
(ii) High cholesterol because I ate too much fat meat :( Doc suggested that i should only eat vegi for now wth!!!! T.T
(iii) Weak liver... So the doc was like do you drink a lot? do you smoke a lot?????????? i was like.... what the heck... i can't do any of that... maybe i took too much stomach pills :(


The Price of Changes!

Now i have to talk about the price of the changes i have become so far! I have spent less than before but i still i cannot afford to live by myself outside from my parents' house. So by this month, i move out from my cozy and lovely condo near my old house. This is very very very sad and i am so emotional right, but this is one of the price of changes!

Look at the bright side, i have the money to buy a tiny unit but this is not the right time yet! So it's okay to move back home. Maybe i need to take care of my old parents and my son (Aldo, a husky). 


"Before We Go"

During my family trip i happened to re-watch this movie again, "Before We Go". Where there was a girl who got her bag stolen in NY. Randomly, she met this saxophone guy who is the street performer. He offered help but she kept denying it. Until, she doesn't have choice but to ask him for help.

Then they spent 2 days together which made them become good friend or even more. The girl actually wanted to divorce her husband but after so much thinking she decided not to do it. The guy basically just was trying to comfort her the whole 2 days. In the end, the girl went back home and the guy ended up getting hurt.

My point is how come people could like other human being this fast with so much in common and chemistry! but always one of them decided to leave!

Maybe that's life!


My holiday 102 - Myanmar

I had such an amazing time in Myanmar in terms of food, culture and my adventure with shock events! 

Okay, as you know i don't earn anymore so i have to save up as much as possible. I had to fly from Saigon to Yangon in stead of leaving from Phnom Penh where i live. The ticket was only $83 round trip from Saigon to Yangon. 

Okay, i am going to just high light a bit about my trip and you can enjoy photos below :)

Day 1 - Phnom Penh - Saigon (Ho Chiminh)

I booked my bus ticket one day before my departure as always cuz i'm the last minute person if you know me better! It takes about 7h-8h from here to Saingon... my ass hurts a lot! I stayed one night at a nice condo near airport and it was $28 (Luxury Apartment) which is not that cheap but i got free airport service.

Day 3 - Yangon 

I arrived in Yangon around 3pm without lunch or breakfast =.= I stayed at this lovely hostel called "Scott @ 31St Hostel ". it was only $13 for the shared room and $40 for the private room but with shared bathroom.

I wasn't recommend this for a group traveling unless you don't want to take any taxi or long walk.
This hostel is close to most interesting places esp good food.

1. Aung Mingalar Shan Noodle Restaurant  ***** you have to try the 18 pieces dumpling!!! The best dumpling i've ever had in my life.
2. 999 Shan Noodle House **** Chinese food and noodle. At least I can order my friend rice and forever fried rice.
*** five stars restaurant for all high class people and expats! the food was good and i love their curry :)


OMG!!! it was raining almost my stay entire time. My friend quote "Umbrella is more important than you wallet when you're in Yangon."

Day 4 - Yangon - Bagan

On the 3rd day of my trip my friend joined me in Yangon. The next day we took a forever bus to Banga which was about 10h drive. We arrived at 5am in the morning and was praying that the hotel will allow us to check in super early due to the bus schedule! Once we got there there were many taxi drivers approaching us. We used google map before we bargain the price with them.


The hotel we stayed is one of the best among hotels in entire Myanmar is at Zfreeti Hotel, Nyaung-U. We only paid for $40 a night with swimming pool and buffet breakfast. Some people pays $70 for the same room we booked because I know the trick.

I wasn't recommend this for a group traveling unless you don't want to take any taxi or long walk.
This hostel is close to most interesting places esp good food.

1. Bibo restaurant & Bar ****** I love this restaurant so much!!! 
I can't remember other restaurants ... sorry guys!


It was just so perfect, clear blue sky.

You have to rent this amazing electric motorbike for only $4 for the whole. You must see sunset and sunrise.

Day 5 - Inle

It was just a giant lake surrounded by these amazing mountains. The few things I love about Inle were the amazing fresh fish food and the first time in my life to see the duck can fly ^^

Day 6 - Yangon 

We took a flight from Inle back to Yangon. 
Boring same old story... we have to sleep a night there before I took another flight back to Saigon. 

Day 7 - Saigon 

First time experiencing taxi scam.
- he said he will charge by meter but the meter is fake and it becomes 1 million Don 

- he almost hits my face when I said I don't have that money. 

- later I asked an expat Australian to help. The taxi driver almost hits that Australian. 

- later he asked 200.000 d so I wanted to give him but he refused to give me my backpack. 

- finally he took the money and threw my backpack.
Day 7 - Phnom Penh

My long lost friend who i haven't met for 7 years took me out for breakfast before my bus back home... I got home at 6pm so finally home sweet home. 

I couldn't connect my iPhone to the computer anymore... damn the broken wire.


one of those embarrassing stories

First I am not sure if I should share this hilarious experience to you guys! But I really find it very funny and embarrassing at the same time. So here we go!

Usually I don't open the window at the day time when I'm home. But the other day  while I was cleaning my house wearing only my underwear =.= I didn't notice I opened my window :( For the record i live on 12th floor and there are some new buildings are under construction which opposite to mine.

About 30mn later, I felt I was being watched. So I turned around and saw like 5 construction workers from the opposite building and stayed in different floors were looking at me... probably at my butt cuz I was trying to fix sth under my kitchen!

Immediately, I jumped out from the window and closed it forever!!!


Holiday 101

Right after my last day at work, I made to my most favorite place on earth is Kampot, Cambodia. I couldn't ask for more :) I had such amazing time there and very relaxing. Let put aside all worries away.

Yes, that's how i eat ;)
We drove like a fast and furious to catch the evening boat ride to see this amazing scenery. 

my tiny feet (in case you guys don't know)

Me + Pool = Heaven :D