A Broken Glass

Today is my second time I cooked at my sister house. As always, i am a clumsy and forgetful girl i broke a glass stood next to me, and i got cut :( I didn't know that until I saw blood in my hands. I was a bit shaking but I had to clean the small pieces of the glasses before someone else could possibly get injure as well.

This is my second time to see a lot of my blood in my own hands. The first time i was cutting the hardest sausage which was kept in the freight for months and i got a big cut on my finger. It was so much blood when i was in the middle of night in my uni in hk. I didn't have first aid or anything with me. So I got one hand left to google around, " How to stop blood at home". i was told to use tea bag to stick on the wound. Voila it stop :) The next day I went to buy medicine.

But this time its funny i got cut on my butt!!! don't know if i can sit working properly tomorrow :/

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