I can't eat whatever and as much as before I want :(
(This photo is so random i know, it was in Myanmar... as a lost kid)
My older sis went to have the blood test, and i was tagged along! She insisted me to get my blood checked, so did I! It came out that her health is better than mine... And I have too many virus in my body. Such an unhealthy little girl as usual.

(i) I have virus in my blood which mean I have been eaten a lot unhealthy and unclean food :/
(ii) High cholesterol because I ate too much fat meat :( Doc suggested that i should only eat vegi for now wth!!!! T.T
(iii) Weak liver... So the doc was like do you drink a lot? do you smoke a lot?????????? i was like.... what the heck... i can't do any of that... maybe i took too much stomach pills :(

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