Deepwater Horizon Movie!

Some movies actually really powerful to wake the f* yourself up from your comfort zone and to think about your life! Deepwater Movie is definitely one of these. If you want to know what I am going to talking about, you should watch it or at least watch the trailer below. What I myself observed and learnt from the movies are as follows:

Some jobs are tremendously important to ensure the safety of other people. Small mistakes could cause death of others. Like in this case, the cement  company didn't do their job properly in which contributed the cause of the oil explosion. As the result it killed 19 people and million of creatures in the sea and more.

Oil companies are billion dollars business so everything is all about saving and making more money. The guy from the oil company forced people to make a stupid decision in order to make money quick. The cement underground near the oil pipe was leaking so the decision of ducking deeper in ocean in order to find oil was stupid enough to cause the explosion.

Who is going to responsible for such huge disaster? The company is an entity so it can't be jailed. Is there is any personal liability on the guy from the oil company in laws of USA? How about the Risk Assessment???

I really hate this society now! everything is all about materialistice, pride, social status, good job.... and MONEY. Do they know they only have one life and it's short? When they die they won't get anything with them?

Instead, people will do anything including killing the mother of nature just to have all of these. Sorry people (including my parents), I'm different and I will be not one of them.

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