depress or reality ?

កេីតមកខុសគេយកអាតាជំងឺដាក់ខ្លួនតាំងពីតូច ចេះរស់ដល់រាល់ថ្ញៃដឹងដេាយរបេៀបមេ៉ចទេ ពេលណាជាពេលបពា្ចប់ទៅ?

I was born being weak, sick. But time makes me grow up, I believe spirit and will is stronger than my weak physically... but now i lost confident ... how long can i live???

what if ... I'M SORRY!


a story to share, "TRUE LOVE"

Last night before i slept, i read a few pages of the story of Khmer rough.
He was convicted of having secret love with the one he loves, but at the time, the Ang Kar (Organization) didn't allow people get married by their decision. Therefore, he got killed because of TRUE LOVE.
I realize that I am very useless and not patient. It's just exam and papers, I'm am complaining and complaining. Thus, I'm going to just do my best on the exam and paper though I am not really confident but so what? just give my best shot!



Hang in there,... just 2 more weeks

after having fresh shower, Fighting:
Sleeplessness is coming back to me again m again...
shit, i woke up late again!
when i woke up, there were a batch of flower in front of my door, i wish :P
(it's not my room :D haha )


quote for today

I'm not the best of the best!!! sorry dad...

But I've done the best, and this is the best for myself ^^


Video clips from America's Most Wanted on pedophiles in Cambodia

Khmer kids are not FOR SALE T.T



Khmer Musical Instrument

1. Bangkong Baonkas Banloe Pray Veal, and instrument is Sneng or buffalo horn.
The music is very powerful. Khmer people believes this music to calm down any aggressive elephants when they Chos Preng (Male elephants are aggressive when they want to find other females).

Master Yim Saing, and the instrument is buffalo horn.

2. Sorin Knong Phnom សូរិន ខ្នងភ្នំ, and instrument is lift.
It makes all khmer people miss their motherland, esp. when they're far away. It might make people remind all old good and unforgettable memories, and wish to turn the time back.

**For more info you can check out this: http://www.cambodianlivingarts.org/about


History of Cambodia

The Khmer or Angkor Civilization came into existence during the period from 802 to 1431 A.D. and stretched as far as the modern Thailand-Burma Border in the West and Wat Phou of Laos in the North during its peak.

Its emergence lies in the fact that the ancient Khmer rulers adopted a right political doctrine of its time, which enforce the unity among people. Moreover, they had developed an intelligent irrigation system to control the water of the great Mekong River for agricultures, which enhanced its prosperity. The Khmer Civilization had long been perished over 5 centuries ago, but it left outstanding monuments such as the great Khmer temples of Angkor Wat and Bayon and numerous unique sculptures like Apsara.

The word "Angkor" is derived Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, of "Nagara" which means "City". Angkor Watliterally means "City of Temple" and Angkor Thom "The Magnificent City".

No doubts, the ancient Khmers were great masters of stone carving. As we can see today the unarguable evidences of various Angkor temples lying on the vast plain of Siemreap, or even beyond its present-day border to the Preah Vihear at Dangrek Mountain, Phnomrungand Phimai in Thailand and Wat Phu in Laos. All these were created and carefully crafts by the ancient Khmers in successive centuries. This seems to contradict with the normal and easy-going life of the local Khmer people and villagers of their time. What drive them to put such an extraordinary efforts and time will be explained in the next chapters.

The study of Khmer civilization in depth is not easy and pain-taking by the historians and archaeologists. Most of the writing, found after the excavation of Angkor, were carved in the stones which became the unperishable materials against time. Although these evidences are important for us to understand the basic constituency of Khmer society and its chronology, they were mainly concerned with religious rituals, King's praise, and literature of Indian epics of "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata". There were little things saying about the ordinary life of the local people.

Interestingly, we learn about the daily way of life of the ancient Khmers, not from the Khmer themselves, but from the Chinese annals. In the middle of 13th century during Chinese Yuan Dynasty, a Chinese ambassador named Zhou Daguan traveled to Angkor, stayed with the local villagers, and explored this empire for a year before his return. He wrote in his Chinese chronicle about this amazing empire, and explain vividly how the people lives with the clear portrayal of the Khmer society during those days.

The center of the Khmer Civilization is at the Angkor Wat area which is situated on the plain of present-day Siemreap province north of the Great Lake of Tonle Sap. Throughout the course of Khmer history, the kingship was frequently attained by violent means with bloodshed throne. There were successive capitals built by different kings in the region, not far from each others; these capitals are at area of Angkor Wat and Roluos with the different names such asHarihalara, Yasodharapura, Jayendanagari, Angkor Thom and a few unknown names.

Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and several other Khmer temples are undoubtedly the relics of the past Khmer Civilization. In order to help travelers as well as readers to get a clearer picture of Cambodia and these temple complexes, we have put up several articles on Khmer Civilization which covers the historical background, successive eras from the beginning till the end, reasons of rise and fall of this civilization and a chronology.

Ankor Wat temple in early morning view
By http://mongkol.wordpress.com

Source: http://www.cambodia-travel.com/khmer-civilization.htm


គេថាបរាជ័យជាមិត្តភក្តិរបស់អ្នក បុ៉ែន្ត




សង្សាខ្ញុំអត់ចូលចិត្តរូបទេ ប៉ុែន្តខ្ញុំចូលចិត្ត ហាហា!!

សង្សាខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តរូបនេះ និងអាវនេះ



Real Shopping

On Sunday, I went shopping for real at this time :D even i was kind of sick but still forced myself to get out from my little room to see sunshine and shop because in next few weeks i will have super tough time writing my all 17,000 words of the paper research.
I did bought a lot but too lazy to take photos of all items
I know i wasted money again but it does helps me :P cutting out stress hahaha...

My pale face!
My little cute friend, offered me this photo :D



after i done my crap paper research, i do not feel good at all. I feel i am not belonged to here. i wonder why so far i could go through all these years since i'm so poor in English, and law knowledges. I just realize i am so damn rubbish...

I made my boyfriend upset again!!! =( why i am so yab....



I sleep at 5am morning for several days to finish up for a research paper, 3500 words for my first time!!! @.@ now it's 98% done...
that's how my situation is @.@
way to have lunch near my dorm
a view at my dorm yard...
ME damn old



IMG_8201, originally uploaded by Kuji Xaya.

អត់ដឹងកាលបានសាលាចប់ឆាប់ៗ និងទេៅដេីរលេងអេាយបាស់សក់ម្តង សូសូ


Been in room for two days which is 48hrs, done 50% of my work....Whew!!!
យប់មិញគេងមេា៉ង៥ព្រឹក េលាកភែ្នកក្លាយជា Kongful Penda បាត់ ចឹងមានតាយប់នេះគេងឡូវ



I've just done half way of my presentation on this Thursday, ohhhh relief now!

Had a good talk with my dorm-mates, classmates, and it's inspired me to finish my paper research. I feel I am giving the world another resolution.

ខ្ងុំមានអារម្មណ៍ថា ពិភពលេាកពេារពេញទេៅេដាយអ្វីៗថ្មីជាច្រេីនដែលត្រូវរៀន និងរួមចំនែកស្ដាប្បនា។ យូរហូ =) so uncomfortable writing my Cambodian language but really hope i can improve faster!


អត្ដបទជាភាសារខែ្មរ េលីកដំបូង

ទឹកលិចនេៅភ្នំេពញ ែតខ្ងុំវិញទឹកលិចដល់ច្រមុះ ព្រេាះមានការងារសាលា ដល់២ នឹងកាលបរិចេ្ឆទគឺ អាទិត្យក្រេាយនេះឯង

១ ឥឡូវមានតែរៀនអត់ឈប់ទេ េគងតិច
២ អាន មិនចេះឈប់
៣ ែក ហេីយ កែទៀត
៤ សង្ឃឹមថាអាចជាប់ចុះ េលាកអេីយ

សូមទេាស អក្សរខែ្ង ខ្ងុំមិនទាន់ល្ផនេៅេឡីយ



My First Week in HK

I don't know where should i start from since i have too much to share.

Well, there were not many friends to see me off since it was workday! But all-important people had shown up like my parents, sis, cousin, aunty, Bora, Pheng or Channa’s BF :D, Lo, Oun Sei, and my honey.

I managed not to cry when I left to check in area because I want them to know that I’m going to be fine.
Talking about my journey to HKU is ridiculous. I had 28kg of luggage and 12kg backpack with me while I decided to take bus to city. The bus driver was supper aggressive, and unreasonable. I don’t want to describe how cruel he did, whatever. I managed to find my dorm where I spent my first few days no pillow, no water, just nothing. However, Life was better after I knew a few friends after I start my class. We went to buy all pillow, blanket, and so on. Can’t count all those things here lolz.

Academic life here is tough. I have about 2000 pages to read for one course; it brings back my experience of Jessup Moot Court which I had spent almost one year to prepare and we had only few hours to sleep everyday. Yet, I have full daytime to read and do research because all class I have is in evening.

OMG! My entire classmate’ backgrounds are super human. Some already finished their Ph.D, a psychiatric, a journalist, a few from UN, Lawyer, and more. And I’m only one banker

I am commitment to this LLM, I will take all opportunity I could back home.
Go Go Go Rath.
that's what i do when i'm getting bored from reading n being in my tiny room!
was too excited with JP food :D but here its expensive though!
the day i went to buy all pillow stuffs, it was raining hard while i carried super heavy things on me T-T what a bad day!
My Uni. Card: it's cold cuz u can get all discount cuz u're HKU student ^^
love u all ^^


Real goodbye

I will flight to Hong Kong tomorrow morning, and i will reach HKU at 4pm i think.

i'm going to miss everyone, my family, my dearest friends, and my honey.

This is just a short battle field; however, it's just the begining of my real journey of reaching my dream, bringing peace to the world and my country.

I will write about my whole story of hunting scholarship.

PS: i hope i won't cry tomorrow because I don't want to leave sadness for them. i should show them that i am strong, and confident to make them feel warm, and i will make my mission result good.


The Shop

The batch :)

IMG_7745 He is writing an e-mail for me.

IMG_7747The best shot i got :) i don't mean they are nice hahaha...

this is my new glasses, how much is it? u never can get a right answer :D

I was willing to finish this book but my stomach was screaming so loud:P