Khmer Musical Instrument

1. Bangkong Baonkas Banloe Pray Veal, and instrument is Sneng or buffalo horn.
The music is very powerful. Khmer people believes this music to calm down any aggressive elephants when they Chos Preng (Male elephants are aggressive when they want to find other females).

Master Yim Saing, and the instrument is buffalo horn.

2. Sorin Knong Phnom សូរិន ខ្នងភ្នំ, and instrument is lift.
It makes all khmer people miss their motherland, esp. when they're far away. It might make people remind all old good and unforgettable memories, and wish to turn the time back.

**For more info you can check out this: http://www.cambodianlivingarts.org/about

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