Back to life, my dear phone

My life is almost everything about my phone, camera, mini iPad, stress killer, and so forth.

Things do not go well again, but i think i try my best and chance doesn't come to me yet. Maybe i have to try harder and harder:

1. Plan well from A to Z.
2. Time management.
3. Put highest commitment
4. Start meeting people and get advice.
:) kinda feel excited about this journey.


No sex but businesswoman!

Its a must read for people who complain their life! Learn from her!

Love the student writing this article, very reflex and real interview without losing important information or her own words.


what doesn't kill you make you stronger!

i know i know! but it always comes with BUT

how long should i hold to sth that i don't belong to! i need to get a way out!
i know i am far better than this! i can prove that since i have done a lot impossible missions so far! i just have to do just another one! 

Fine! fighting even harder than ever! 


Last Call for Application to the 2013 ICL Course

Dear All,

The International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences is pleased to inform you that the 13th Specialization Course in International Criminal Law for Young Penalists on “The Future of International Criminal Law in the Era of Globalization” will be held from May 19th to May 29th, 2013 in Siracusa (Italy).

All relevant information and the application form are available on our website (www.isisc.org). You are kindly requested to fill out the online form directly on the webpage. Once you have submitted your application online, you will receive a confirmation. If you have any problems or questions, please contact ISISC at icl-2013@isisc.org.

Applications should be submitted by March 20th, 2013.

Best regards,

Stefania Lentinello
Program Officer

ISISC- Istituto Superiore Internazionale di Scienze Criminali
International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences
Via Logoteta 27, 96100 Siracusa, Italia
Tel.: +39 0931 414515 / 21495



I come to the point where I'm  addicted to exercise (^-^) 
After I bought a small little cute car, I am totally broke!
So I have not renew my membership card at gym club yet.
So I have other choice by do exercise at open space instead in box!
I actually feel good, and sleep well. 
The consequences of doing exercise at open space is you will be
starred in a weird way, or you can't do post some Yoga techniques.

I started to run very fast, but half way through, I ended up walking T.T 
hope to have this body-shape soon (-.-') 

After I finished workout, this is how i feel :) i'm serious. 
hope to have a vacation again soon. this time its gonna be far far far away.

Keep Calm and Drive Fast!
Woke up late, stuck in traffic! m going to get so old cuz of some stupid driver ( i am not good too :D )
PS: this is not my car, of course ;) 


My sunday and monday

Okay, This year i only received one red pocket which is not bad at all!!! cuz people think you are adult, make your own money, don't need more $$$ from others. But I STILL WANT MORE (-.-')

On Sunday, I went to Chmakar Chek (a famous local restaurant, khmer food) in Bakkheng with my Family. I'm happy they like the food a lot especially the fried chicken. In the evening we went to a few places with my high school gangs :D

My Monday came, i have to work T.T because this year we can't close business due to CSX and SECC. But i had a good day :)


My day

I didn't wake up early enough to help my family to prepare for Chinese NY, I feel guilty about it. But, I managed to prepared food to go to pagoda with daddy n bro to wish my country, family, my friend and him for the best. I pray Buddha god to help me to decide on whatever I do in life, is the right choice so I can help country n everyone.

At noon I went to swim yay. Then for a cocktail while its happy hour. Then ice cream at my favorite place, Chill.

Got home a bit late so we received some lessons from parents :/ 


Gung Xi Facai eveyone

Happy Chinese new year people. Wish you the best in everything you do, trying to do, just don't give up :)

Be positive and be yourself, thus will bring you life.


Mekong ICT Camp 2013

Hey geeks, this might be interesting for you!

Who: Teach camp meetup for geeks from around Mekong countries.
When: 1-10 May, 2013
Where: Thailand
How: just apply before 28 February 
$$$: if you are from Mekong region, you suppose to be covered everything, everything here mean everything including traveling fee, accommodation, and food. 

For more detail, click here. and also click on below pic to see a big screen view.


ន.ស.២.រ​ /N.S.2.R

The restaurant is newly opened and located near my house in Toultompoung street 432. 
Phone number: 011 956 288.
Atmosphere: 8/10 bright clean nice music.
Price: 9/10 $1- $4 very reasonable n esp for students.

I just love it.


one of my new year resolutions is GOING TO THE US AND CANADA

I have to admit that I really miss travelling so bad, 
and I start to plan it now.

I want to continue growing my professional life by exploring other countries jurisdictions and practices throughout international conferences. So if any reader may know, please share with me.
And I am looking for funding as well.
if not, just wish me ton of luck ^^



Heaven on earth - Natural Lodge in Mondulkiri

I went on a family trip last week to Mondulkiri, known  for its forested hills and waterfalls. Unfortunately, I witness empty land and nothingness of a used-be forestry province.

It takes about 7 hours only from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri by a car. 
It might take 9h for a bus. 
The road is pretty smooth like avocado shake. 

The weather there is changing like in Australia, at night it goes lower than 15 C degree, day time it's 28 or even hotter.

The trip has exceeded my expectation! beyond fantastic...
pictures below will prove it. 

This is the tree house at the entrance.

This is for a single bed house. soo cute

This is our cute and basic house.
$20 a night, with hot water inside. 
(PS: it's my mom in there :P )

Inside the cottage/house.

from the far

They have a elephant tour which i couldn't make it due to old people and budget :/
for more detail about this adventure experience you can go to this link.

at the natural swimming pool in the evening.

King ? its his name.

Naga :D

Swimming in early morning. (8am :D )

Below are full of funny (yab) photos of myself and family 

family trip in Koh Kong was in 2008 (? )