Heaven on earth - Natural Lodge in Mondulkiri

I went on a family trip last week to Mondulkiri, known  for its forested hills and waterfalls. Unfortunately, I witness empty land and nothingness of a used-be forestry province.

It takes about 7 hours only from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri by a car. 
It might take 9h for a bus. 
The road is pretty smooth like avocado shake. 

The weather there is changing like in Australia, at night it goes lower than 15 C degree, day time it's 28 or even hotter.

The trip has exceeded my expectation! beyond fantastic...
pictures below will prove it. 

This is the tree house at the entrance.

This is for a single bed house. soo cute

This is our cute and basic house.
$20 a night, with hot water inside. 
(PS: it's my mom in there :P )

Inside the cottage/house.

from the far

They have a elephant tour which i couldn't make it due to old people and budget :/
for more detail about this adventure experience you can go to this link.

at the natural swimming pool in the evening.

King ? its his name.

Naga :D

Swimming in early morning. (8am :D )

Below are full of funny (yab) photos of myself and family 

family trip in Koh Kong was in 2008 (? )

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