I come to the point where I'm  addicted to exercise (^-^) 
After I bought a small little cute car, I am totally broke!
So I have not renew my membership card at gym club yet.
So I have other choice by do exercise at open space instead in box!
I actually feel good, and sleep well. 
The consequences of doing exercise at open space is you will be
starred in a weird way, or you can't do post some Yoga techniques.

I started to run very fast, but half way through, I ended up walking T.T 
hope to have this body-shape soon (-.-') 

After I finished workout, this is how i feel :) i'm serious. 
hope to have a vacation again soon. this time its gonna be far far far away.

Keep Calm and Drive Fast!
Woke up late, stuck in traffic! m going to get so old cuz of some stupid driver ( i am not good too :D )
PS: this is not my car, of course ;) 

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gäãra-dě-sañd said...

no doubt I never see u...... so where do u go for exercise now?

p.s. let's see how long u can say u're "addicted" to exercise :P