The whole world is going against me!!!

i'm so so so sad that i have planed for a very long time just to visit Europe with all my saving but i need to have a stupid invitation letter!!! and likely none of my friend is willing to do it for me T.T

I bought a super expensive backpack just for this trip at least to me, a nice Nike shoes and even air ticket... what am i going to do with all these thing? what am i going to do during my long leave?

The worst thing about Europe is not about getting lost, getting kidnapped or whatsoever!!! the worst thing would be not able to go!!! I really don't know where to spend my big 30 yrs birthday. i'm so lost with words. what am i supposed to do?

All i can do now just cry my eyes off!


gäãra-dě-sañd said...

no way around it? is invitation letter a must?

okay.. even if it does, u sure have a lot of friends.. None of whom from Europe?

nearirath sreng said...

The Dutch friends are not in town and friends are in town are not Dutch.