Life is so good!

Politic:  being a Cambodian, I do care about my country. I wish all the best to my country, and I don't want to keep blaming this and that, but instead I should take part to help my country. 
The question is how? I think that as adult, we should talk about our concerns about the country. 
Stop being ignorance and all you care about your own interest! 

Job: I thought being a lawyer is cool, but I kinda lose interest because it doesn't seem what i thought it were. BUT, it doesn't mean anything that i would give it up. For now i will just fight hard, and find a better way to work more sufficiently. Maybe watch " Suit", and steal some ideas from them. 

Business: I am still very struggling with my online store until now i haven't made a single dollar yet >.< ended up losing a lot. BUT this is just a beginning. i will keep it a challenge for me. Soon enough i will have my own store ;)

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papaya said...

talk discuss debate... all that sounds so logical but sucks to know that people cant grasp the simple concept. instead they bicker and complain all day without any solutions of their own. we are plagued with many of these people here also in the states that feel so insistant on giving their opinions but very hesitant to help and approach it with healthy dialogue.

okay sorry for the rant haha. i deal with a lot of the politics here in the states and its very tiring. nice post btw!!!