Saying Goodbye to my colleagues

Basically, today is my last day at work. I do not have much work, and I feel kinda weird! I think I am going to miss people and my desk.

Actually, I haven’t packed my stuffs from office yet@.@ because I don’t know how to fit them in one box, I guess need three big boxes.

All kids (my colleagues) organized a farewell gathering at Soray mall for me, how sweet! I do not know what else I should write about now. Goodbye everyone here!

My only Male Friend =)
That's how i look like today! sick sick i think...
Group photo ^-*
it was yesterday... waiting yaya's prince pick us up!
YaYa my cute cute cute friend.


pham dinh said...

have a milestone!

Rath said...

:) thanks and good luck your coming trip to usa ^^