Egagement Party^^

I think i was out my mind cuz first i didn't dress up at all, just wanted to wear a jean and a T-shirt...gosh! bong Kunthy and bong Samay didn't tell me to dress up at all. The last minute, i changed my mind, okay just dress up very simply. Thanks god! i was right ^^ or i would be most weirdo girl in the party :P
We couldn't stop hugging, saying goodbye because we all don't want to separate again and again =(
Dancing time, we didn't really waste time sitting still so why not JUST DANCE ;)
kOM merl geay, they all are good at dancing, sor ei kor ches der :D
Kunthy had Red Wine a few glasses, muk lerg kror morn, Bong Samay kor min noy der
While we were waiting in the line to WC, took this shot oh! there was a story...hahaha ask bong Samay or Kunthy by yourself tov hahah funny^^
Cheer moy ;)
WE Three, look good?
wow it's all my food...i'm in the heaven now (^_^)
I was about going to have discussion club with Nita and the Boys for the competition.


icebreaker said...

hehe luckily u changed your mind at the last minute and that decision was right lolz... cool.! u look nice in that dress anyway. not flattering u. it's true :)

Kalyan said...

yeah look gorgeous sis :)

anyway jus met them here in singapore :D