Since August 2008, I have thought about joining the Jessup competition, the world largest competition for law students from all around the world. I have decided to do my best to work it out, so I have chosen people in my team members, five people. September 19, 2008 there was a School round of Moot Court at Royal University of Law and Economics. There were 4 Judges whom 2 from Harvard Law school, 1 is lawyer from Canada, 1 is lawyer from New Zealand, 1 is judge from ECCC. We all encouraged each other to just do our best on our own session in order to make our dream come true. Finally, we all five made it. But it’s still long way to go!

The deadline of Pleading is on Janury 11 but we all have to finish it by January 5, and one week left is for edition. So see? My schedule is really really really tough, we will hardly neither enjoy nor join the Christmas and New Year.

Now we’re facing two big factors are not enough time to research and write the pleading, and funding. Please pray for us (T_T)

Whatever!!! Just enjoy it and try to give the best try on it.

Let’s Rock it, Cambodia Team.Sitting at Sentiment for 4h to write my draft of the pleading.
Me and Lak, we've haven't met for four years ^^A pre-party :) they all are my high school friend, no one has been changed much...still have a lot with while i'm with them :)

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Hi Sis, I have just visited your blog by chance. All the best for your competition =)