Life in ECCC

This morning I talked with Anne who is are good man encourage me so much so keep trying, and he said to me that they(ECCC) are dying to hire you as a staff here. It really pushes me up so much to go on and keep trying. I do promise to myself that I’m doing my best to do it.

Most people in ECCC are really friendly and helpful. They always say “hi, how are you?” to each other Khmer either International staffs. International interns are gentlemen, friendly, cute, nice, and helpful. I do like them as my close friends, and I wish I could work with them in the future. When I start to think about our last day at ECCC, I feel so sad since I don’t want to leave them at all.

I hope after I am done my internship I will be a staff of ECCC while I will be studying two universities, Law and Psychology.

Cheer to myself :)

It’s me !!!!!

My first day I came back home late since I should help other international interns to finish some work to be done today, and I got home at 7:00pm then I had dinner with new friends whom I just know from CSD(Center for Social Development). However, I think they’re younger than international interns of ECCC. :) but one of them is Khmer. She is really nice girl, Karith.

At Pizza Company in Sorya Supermarket!!!


duongchan said...

Cutie cute! :)

Daravuth--QuincY said...

What is ECCC?
good blog!

wendy said...

ECCC is Extroadinary Chamber in the courts of Cambodia or u can say Khmer Rough Trail.:D

Bong Kunthy; thanks for ur nice comment