First Trip to VN

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Stuffs for Traveling to VN:
1. Important thing:
a. Passport
b. Visa
c. Bus Ticket
d. Money ;)
2. Clothes:
a. 3 set of clothes
b. 2 shoes
c. 3 Srom legs
d. 2 hats
e. 2 Coats
3. Food:
a. Mi 3 pocks
b. Snacks
4. Medicine:
a. Kinal
b. Cabolevure
c. Smecta

First day, July 27, 2007
6:00am: Get up and prepare to travel
6:50am: Leave home to pick Brienne and Neha
7:30am: Ready to be bus station
8:00am: Let’s go to Ho Chi Ning, VN
12:00pm: Have lunch somewhere on the way to VN
2:00pm: Get ready to be Ho Chi Ning
2:30pm: Looking for a hotel
3:00pm-: Let’s see how nice Ho Chi Ning is!!

Second day and the day back to PP I’m not sure where to go or what to do yet. Let see ;)

July, 26, 2007

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volB said...

party everytimes... coo!