Dear diary,

Life doesn't go easy on me lately, or it's me who doesn't go easy on myself!

I really want to go for what i really like and enjoy but the circumstances and everything surrounding me would not allow me to =( where are all my positive thinking and self-esteem gone to?

do i have to do things i don't like? or do i have to smile when i don't even want to? isn't my life?

Okay, here some confessions i have to make! since i've back from my Christmas vacation, i've only been to the library once!!! it was because i have to print something...GEEZ, fine, i think every time i make mistake or being lazy a** i just confess here!!! then i would force myself out of my bed do some work, not only about school but also sth more important than u might think of *-^

m ready to bed now, night night

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Narath said...

Dear, i think you actually just did a self-actualization, which is amazing and needed as for human needs. Dont worry, you will be fine... :)