hm!!! Tom's Farewell

Me and Patricia!!!
Patricia, Neha, mE, and Anees!
Ah...!!! we're Po and 'Kmóuy te ;)
Me and Tom....
Jon, mE, and Po Vannarith
Me and Zach
Sovanna, Po Vannarith, and mE!
Srey ot sar art, Nig Srey sar art!!!!.....lolzzz
Lop...Lop style....hahhaha [no worry cuz my foreignors fri. can't read it]
Tom, Thom, Thomas, Thomas Park

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Daravuth--QuincY said...

Hey!in da Pix, It seems you are having fun...dont forget to let me join it cuz i wanna have fun tooooo...(^_^)/