Mini Angel

The devil is looking for that girl who believed to be the last angle. A lot people were killed while searching for the girl. She didn't know what was going on but she started to realize she has some magic where she could disappear real quick and travel space to somewhere else. It has been three times she could escaped it. 

At some point she ended in an old building then the dvil came, she escaped with an older guy to the underground. The older guy told her to run but she insisted to go with her cuz she could escape many times. So she said "Please come with me, please!" 

He didn't come with her, so she has to run and hide alone. 

Here is getting weird cuz it turns out that the war became like in Star War lol and some soldiers are my high school mates. 

Then i got injure and there are many butterflies carried me away but since i was chubby they couldn't carry my high lol that's how my dream ended :D 

Once i woke up, i was like wow!!! i am an angel ^^ many mini angel :)

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